Thursday, June 30, 2011

Um, WHOA!!

So, we're just hangin out at home all doin our own thing and I look over and Brooklynn is trying to climb up on the window... She's never pulled herself up on her own before so I grabbed my camera and we watched! It all happened so fast. I apologize that she is not facing the camera but she was looking at her daddy and I just got what photos I could, while making sure she didn't fall and hit her head!

So first she was on her knees.

Then she got one foot up!

And then she was standing!!!

I am so proud of my tiny punkin! She is getting so big and strong!
I love her so much!

Waking Up With A Sick Baby Is Sad

It has been kind of a rough day today. There is nothing that makes me more sad than when my little girl is not feeling well. For the past couple days she has been teething really bad so she has been more fussy than usual. Well, usually she is never fussy. So she probably wasn't being THAT fussy but for our house it was pretty fussy. I really want her teeth to just come in already.
The bottom two teeth were a breeze. But those top two are having a harder time comin' in!

Last night when we opened her door before we went to bed and she was snoring which she never does and we thought it kind of smelled in there but she was passed out so hard core we just went to bed. 

I really really really don't like getting up at 2am. Even more so when it's because B isn't feeling well. She had a super runny nose and couldn't stop sneezing. I felt so bad.

Then to top it all off I changed her diaper and realized it was, how to I put this lighty.... very full, and on top of that hurting her. I immidiately felt like the worst parent on the planet for not waking her up and changing her diaper earlier! Changing her diaper and seeing her in pain literally made me want to cry!
but we got through it.
I gave her a bottle and then put her back in bed.

I also really really really don't like getting up at 6am but atlas I was up at 6am.
I was shocked to find that she had another very "full" diaper and still has a runny nose.

By 7:30am she was back in bed. The rest of the day so far as consisted of her going down for an hour and up for a little less than 2. As the day goes on her nose seems to be getting a little better but her teeth are not starting to bug her again.
there is just no winning today.

She is currently taking a nap and hopefully she'll be feeling better when she gets up. I miss my happy baby. I wish I could do more for her when she doesn't feel good. 
Sick baby = sadness. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pool Break

After Brooke got up from her last nap, and Curtis had just walked in the door from work we decided to take a quick trip to the pool. Brooke really loves the water! I really love the water! And Curtis really loves the water! So, that makes for a really great pool trip if you ask me! 

As I took my camera out of my bag to take a photo this man who was drunk tells us that he is a professional photographer and that he could take some really good photos for us.. 
ummm... yeah let me hand you my camera while you're drunk in water..NOT. He was so strange.. he went on to tell us about how he worked at a family photo place in the mall and that he knew for sure that he could get Brooklynn to start cracking up.. started making weird noises at her while she just starred at him like he was crazy..
which he was.

Anyway, we had a great time at the pool. It is so hot here all of the time and after going on an hour and a half walk it was just what I needed!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We've Made The Switch! Turkey Burgers!!

Yes, we have made the switch from beef burgers to turkey burgers! I must say, they were quite delish! I've heard over and over that they are much better for you but I never even gave them a chance. But since I am trying to eat healthier and have less calories I thought I'd give them a test run. And we loved them! 

Mine was wrapped in lettuce with just a touch of mustard and peppers on the side.

Curtis' had a bun with mayo and cheese... yeah I was WAY jealous.

And then here is a baby who just wanted to be naked tonight... it was hot. I don't blame her! :)

Hooray for eating better!
Stay excellent!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Time To Lose The Baby Weight!!!

I had Brooklynn a little more than 8 months ago... When I was pregnant I thought I would lose my weight really fast. I didn't like being so heavy. It wasn't me. But somehow.. I still have not lost the weight 8 months later! Before I got pregnant I could eat whatever I wanted and never gained a pound. So I never ate healthy, I ate fast food and junk all of the time! 

When I got pregnant I tried to eat healthier but I definitely could have done better. I retained a TON of water. I lost about 40 lbs of water after B was born. I thought I was going to continue to lose weight as fast as I was right after I had her until I was back to my pre pregnancy weight. WRONG. I lost those 40 lbs and haven't lost a pound since.. I hate to say it, but I've actually gained weight since then! {sadface}

I've tried to diet and work out but I do it for a couple days and then stop. And then I'll do it for a couple days and then stop. So, I'm documenting my weight loss journey on her so I will be more motivated to stick with it. 
So words of encouragement are encouraged! {happyface}

I have never been good at working out. I swear I don't have the mind power for it. The only way I truly enjoy working out is if I am dancing. But having a husband who works 12 hours a day and an 8 month old baby just doesn't allow me to do that. We have a gym at our apartment complex that I can go to in the morning and sometimes at night after B goes down to bed, Marilyn will come over so I can go for an hour. 

Now here's the goal:
I want to lose 30 lbs!!

Pre-pregnancy weight was: 110!!!
Weight the day I went into labor: 175!!! {um, WHOA!}
Weight 2 weeks after I had B: 130!!

and now my current weight... yeah I'm about to get real honest up in here..

145 lbs!

Now, I forgot to mention another factor into this equation. 
I am only 5'! 
That's really short. 
I am sick of being overweight and I am ready to do something about it!

So starting today I am working towards losing 30lbs.
I want to weigh 115!

Now, here's what I'm working for. When I hit my goal I am going to take $20 for every pound I lose to but new clothes! That's a whopping $600!! But not until I hit that 115 mark!!!

So I am going to be weighing into my blog every monday to track my weight loss.
Also, I will have a tab at the top of my blog titled "weight loss journey" to document my monday-sunday calorie intake and exercise. 

I'd like to stick to 1200 - 1400 calories a day and I will work out at least 1 hour a day but preferably 2 hours a day. 
I'm ready to burn some fat!

I Love Sundays

Yesterday went a little bit like this:

Lunch at this amazing BBQ place
home for a nice long nap
filming for a vivint project
Date night

Sunday is the only day that Curtis is off work all day and I love it! 

Now take a look at these cute little vivint babies! No, they are not boys... hahah

Curtis & I before our date. 
I love dates with the hubster! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Feeding Time Fights

Now, I'd like to say that I have the perfect baby. She sleeps through the night, she takes great naps, she is usually always happy (minus when she's teething but I don't blame her), and she is just the cutest thing on the planet! However, every once in a while I see this little attitude that comes out. 
It seems to happen the most when she is eating her baby food. She thinks it's funny to spit her food out. I don't think this is so funny. It's like every fourth bite comes right back out at my face. It's getting to the point where we both need a bib for feeding time. HA
Also, she seems to do it when she's starting to get full. It's good to know that she's full, but it would be nice if she could let me know in a nicer way. 
She also sometimes will just get mad out of nowhere in the middle of feeding her. 

It seems to help if I just continue talking to her the whole time as to distract her. It also helps if she has a toy but the problem with that is it goes right in her mouth.. where her food needs to be so it takes a lot longer to feed her. But better that then a mad spitty baby.

I look forward to when she can eat solid foods so we don't have to deal with the spitting.
But, nonetheless, I love this sometimes grumpy baby!

On a different note I had to run some errands and that just wore her out. 
I had to take a photo cause she just looked so peaceful.
Yep, that's my punkin. :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Splash Pad!

I was so excited when Steph told me about a splash pad in our little town in St. Louis and today it finally worked out so we could go. After Brooklynn took a nice long nap we headed off to meet Steph, Carley, and the kids. This place was great. It had a huge playground, lots of swings, and a little gated in splash pad. We parked it on the grass and chatted for a while. Then I decided to take B into the splash pad to see how she felt about it.... And guess what??
I was shocked at how when I put her down on the ground she just scooted all around and the water was splashing her in the face and all over her and she was smiling and just having a grand ol time! I couldn't believe it! I have such a brave little girl. I am thankful for that. It makes places like this so much fun! 
I would definitely suggest splash pads in the summer. They are so much safer than pools. Not that you shouldn't go to the pool because we sure do and it's a blast! But the splash pad the kids can all just run around and stay cool and you don't have to worry about drowning. I'm into that!
We had so much fun there and we will definitely be going back soon!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Still Freaking Out...

Every tuesday and wednesday my sister-in-law Marilyn comes over to watch So You Think You Can Dance. Which by the way is the best show ever! This season is SO great so far and I am SO happy that old ballroom lady is gonezo!!! 

So anyway, I wanted to go to they gym after so I asked Marilyn if she would watch B after the show since she would just be in bed asleep anyway. I was getting ready to go and I could NOT find my headphones. And I cannot work out without music, and of course I have small ears and not just any headphones will fit in my hears so it has to be MY headphones. So I'm searching everywhere for them. Last I remembered they were on the couch. So I pulled all of the cushions and this is what I saw...

UUUMMM?!?!?! WHHATTT???!!!
Yeah I just about peed myself. It wasn't moving and so I thought it was dead. 
Luckily Marilyn was there or I might have just died right there in my living room. 
We got something to poke it with and Marilyn poked it and moved it out from there and we found out that IT WAS FAKE!
I was so relieved yet still totally freaked out!! It it so gross looking.
Now if you're wondering how something like that could even get in the couch here's how.
All the fruniture that is in our apartment is rented by a company that Curtis' job hires. So I'm assuming that the people that had the couch before us must have had a cat or something.. and the more we sat on the couch it got wedged out.. 
AH soooo gross. 
So we got it out and put it in a zip lock bag and here now you can see that it's fake.. 
How messed up is that?!

AND to make matters worse I didn't work out and I still can't find my headphones.

Is That A Foot In Your Mouth?

Having a teething baby can be really hard sometimes. It's so sad to see that they are hurting and not being able to do much about it. I keep seeing these commercials about how Baby Orajel has been causing injury and death in babies... UMM HELLO WHATT?!! 

There is tylenol but I'm not about to give my daughter tylenol every single day.. So I went on a mission to find the very best teethers out there! And I found them! I cannot remember if I got them at Babies R Us or Target but they come in a pack of two and one is a foot and one is a hand. They go in the freezer and then boom! Best. Teethers. Ever.

I know it's weird that they are shaped like and hand and foot but they really are the best. Brooklynn loves them and she will just gnaw away at them. 

So if you have a teething baby... find them! They work!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day At The Park

Today was such a nice day that I could not just stay inside. So I called up my sister-in-law Marilyn to see if she wanted to go to the park. It was the perfect day for the park!

We walked around this cute little lake. It's so nice to have people to go on walks with. I love to talk and hate to exercise, so if I can talk while I'm getting exercise then it makes it that much better! So we talked and walked. I forgot to put sunscreen on Brooke so we didn't walk for very long as I was paranoid that she was going to get sunburned and that would have just been awful!

So after our walk we went over to the play ground where I put B in the little swing. She is finally big enough now where she enjoys it. And boy does she enjoy it. She was just smiling and talking away as she swung back and forth. It makes me so happy to see her so happy. This girl really does love being outside which makes me happy.

There were a good amount of kids at the park which I actually really like because Brooke loves to people watch. Now, there is a little part of the park that has a little water squirter so there were some kids with swimming suits on. Now, I in no way mean this to be mean, but there was a little girl there about 10 who would be considered overweight and her mom had her in this little bikini. And I personally feel that if you are comfortable then whatever. But kids are cruel, and I just know that one of these days someone is going to say something to her and she is going to have some pretty hurt feelings.. I think that is a parents responsibility to help your children dress to their bodies. But that's just me..

So after the swing we laid a blanket down and just sat under a nice tree. Brooklynn loved feeling the grass in her hands. It the same thing when my hair is in her reach. She will just brush her fingers through it very gently. It's so cute. She was doing that with the grass today. It's nice to see that she doesn't seem to be allergic to the grass. Because that would be a big time bummer.

So all in all it turned out to be such a fun time at the park, but let me end off by saying this one thing.. I hope none of you are in a car when a dog fart because it sucks...
hahah. Love you little Max!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just Real Quick..

I just want to vent real quick about how much I hate it when a fly gets into my house. Not just a regular little fly, one of those HUGEMONGOUS horse flies. I swear to you it had dive bombed me like 10 times in the past few hours. I cannot get rid of it. 
I really need to get a fly swatter. 
Shew fly, don't bother me!

Bed Head??

Someone woke up from her nap with a little bit of bed head...

hahahahah <3

New Song Obsession: Bieber Fever to The Max

So I heard this song the other night and I pretty much fell in love with it! This is one of the best love songs I have ever heard in my life! So good job Chris Brown and Justin Bieber! You have done a good job!
So enjoy this awesomeee songgg!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

Fathers Day
-Amazing dad who has been the greatest example who taught me how to be a kind, loving person and I love him for that so much! 
-Amazing father-in-law who always makes me feel so special!
-Husband who loves his daughter very much!
-Dr. Pepper
-Framed Photo
-Cake Pops that were not good (first attempt)
-A mysterious yet very painful wrist injury
-Super 8

Pretty much sums up the day.

Happy Fathers Day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Paranoid Much? Yes, I Think So...

Lately, I have been becoming more and more paranoid, and more and more OCD. I have no idea where the OCD came from but it came and I'm thinking it's here to stay. I think my paranoia comes from my love for scary movies and crime shows. Why I love these shows I have NO idea. But I just do.

For instance, I'm watching Criminal Minds right now about 2 killers in St. Louis. WHY?! It will keep me up. But I just think their so interesting. 

So, I watch these shows like Criminal Minds, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigators and they make me PARANOID. Before I go to bed I make sure every door and window is locked and look under every bed and in every closet. And if I forget one and remember as I'm lying in bed. I will not be able to fall asleep unless Curtis or I go look. I would say it's a problem! haha.

And that's where my OCD kicks in. I also can't go to sleep unless I have cleaned the house, done the dishes, and vacuumed. Seems like a good thing right? It is except when I put it off until we're ready to go to bed. Then I'm rushing to do it because I hate waking up to a messy house and having to clean a bottle or something like that. 

Now, for those of you who grew up with me will think that this cleaning OCD thing I have going on is crazy because I had to be forced to clean when I was a teenager. So, I guess it's good, but I'm serious when I say it all HAS to be done before I go to bed or I will not sleep.

Now, back to the scary movies and crime shows.. I've been able to pretty much quit the scary movies. But I love the drama shows. None bother me or keep me up except Criminal Minds really and it's ALWAYS on.. So I end up just watching them like I am doing RIGHT NOW!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday Hike

For our sunday activity this weekend we went on a hike. Zach, Marilyn, and Max came with us. It was the perfect day to go on a hike because it was cloudy. That made it like 30 degrees cooler than it has been. So like it said, it was the perfect day. It was a short hike, only 1 1/2 miles but it was good. It took forever to get there. It was in Illinois. But now I can say that I have been to Illinois! haha. Curtis wore the baby carrier and Brooklynn kept kickin him right where it counts. HA! But he was a good sport about it. After the hike Zach grabbed Max and headed out to the great Mississippi! Max swam for the first time ever! I'm not sure he actually liked it but it was a good experience for him! Then Zach did a flip off a dock and then we were back on the road to go home to Watch the Dallas Mavericks destroy the Heat! 
Here are photos from the day..
OH, and Brooklynn and I were matching. :)