Sunday, June 9, 2013


having a child is such an amazingly strange thing. becoming a parent for the first time really changes you in a way that you can't quite understand until it happens. this first child, the one who makes you a mommy holds this really special place in your heart. i've been thinking about this a lot as we get ready to bring in a new member to our family. how will she fit in to this mix? will brooklynn be jealous? i have no idea what is going to happen. all i know, is that no matter what it's going to be amazing. and i know that even though it seems like i can't love anymore because i already love brooklynn with all my heart that my love with just grow and grow with every member of our family. it is such an amazing feeling, but at the same time it's so scary. bringing these innocent perfect little ones into this rough world. counting on me to help them and teach them and encourage them to become good people in this world. it's up to me, to show them, mostly by my example how to be good and kind people. that to me seems to be the most important job in the world. 

today, as brooklynn napped i watched les miserables. there is a song that hugh jackman sings to a little girl that for some reason the lyrics just hit me hard as i've been preparing to bring another little girl into this world and already taking care of my sweet toddler. the trust that she has in me to take care of her is incredible and absolutely terrifying. i pray daily that i will be able to live up to what she and this new sweet baby girl deserve. 

suddenly -hugh jackman

Suddenly I see
Suddenly it starts
When two anxious hearts
Beat as one.
Yesterday I was alone
Today you walk beside me
Something still unclear
Something not yet here
Has begun.
Suddenly the world
Seems a different place
Somehow full of grace
And delight.
How was I to know
That so much love
Was held inside me?
Something fresh and young
Something still unsung
Fills the night.
How was I to know at last
That happiness can come so fast?
Trusting me the way you do
I’m so afraid of failing you
Just a child who cannot know
That danger follows where I go
There are shadows everywhere
And memories I cannot share
Nevermore alone
Nevermore apart
You have warmed my heart
Like the sun.
You have brought the gift of life
And love so long denied me.
Suddenly I see
What I could not see
Something suddenly
Has begun.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

that time we went to the pool at bed time.

Tonight my little brother Scott and his wife Brittany decided to come over to go to the pool. It's nice that it stay light out so late so this is possible. I decided to forget about the fact that it was pretty close to Brooklynn's bedtime and hit the pool. 

We had a blast! Brooklynn absolutely loved jumping into the pool with her Uncle Scotty. The only thing that was missing was Curtis. Man, I miss him. But we really do have a little fish. She could spend all day every day at the pool.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

we moved!

A lot has happened over the past couple weeks. Curtis got a new job which requires him to travel a little more during the summer with me and B staying at home. For a while we had been looking to move into a bigger place since our second little one will be arriving soon. We decided this was a sign to move a little closer to family since Curtis will be gone more. So we decided to look down in Utah County which I didn't think we would ever do. We really do love Salt Lake. But we felt like it was the right thing to do at this time.. and let me tell you.. I am SO happy we did this. We found the most perfect basement apartment in Eagle Mountain. It was a little bit far West for me but it has turned out to be amazing. We are only about 3 miles from my in-laws which is so nice to be able to see them so much more! 

So we told the management that May would be our last month there and started packing up. Curtis had to go out of town for the last two weeks of that month so we were planning on moving on the last day of the month with a TON of work to do. My amazing parents came to town and we decided to move our entire house without Curtis knowing. It was a TON of work but we pulled it off and it was amazing. He was pretty excited when he got home from his long work trip thinking he was going to have to do all this packing and moving only to find out it was all done! So a HUGE thanks to my parents and everyone who helped us move! You guys are the best!!

We've now been in our new place for about 3 weeks and are absolutely LOVING it here. I think I am happier here than I have been anywhere else we have lived. The people out here are absolutely amazing. We love our ward. It's so friendly and there are a ton of kids which is so good for Brooklynn. There is a great sense of community out here that is so comforting. Not to mention we hit the jackpot with the people who live above us in the main part of the house. They are so nice and welcoming. I love them already! 

So things have been pretty good over here. We have been filling our days with lots of outdoor activities! By the end of every day we are all pooped! It's awesome. 

And now an overload of photos.. 

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