Friday, September 30, 2011

anxiety. {and a winner}

Today we are headed off to Miami. 
Tomorrow we leave for..
Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas
St. Thomas, Usvi
San Juan, Puerto Rico
and Grand Turk

amazing right??
(don't worry, I have some amazing guest posters next week!)

Well, first I need to get rid of my anxiety of leaving this little sweetie. 

Ah, I'm having a melt down! Seriously, I keep bursting into tears because I already miss her so much it hurts my heart. I mean, I get separation anxiety with inanimate objects... so you can imagine how I feel about leaving my first and only baby girl! I know it'll be okay. And we are going to have fun. 
I just need to relax.

Don't grow up while I'm gone Brookie. Mommy loves you!

On a different note ::
The Ga Ga Galore shop credit winner is,
Whitney Asay!
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

guest post :: my husband.

Today, I am linking up with Mrs. T Naturally where she challenged us to have someone close to us write a post about ourselves. Who better than my husband? 
Isn't he handsome?? Man, I'm lucky!
Well, take it away Curtis...

Everyone should have a Superwoman.

Mine is named Jenna.  I sat down next to her in math class when we were in college.  We came to know one another that semester between linear equations and Chuck Norris jokes.  We were married in early 2010 in Jenna's home state of California.

Jenna's stubbornness rivals only mine, and her mantra of apologizing for little and regretting nothing reminds me warmly of Edith Piaf.

We stand side by side at every turn.  There has been both sickness and health, and fewer riches than poorness, but we're both better for the wear.

We welcomed parenthood not too long after marriage and I can confirm that nothing is more flattering on a woman than motherhood.  You love your wife so much more as you see her raise your children.  

Our adventures so far include finishing school, traveling across the country (and soon the globe) for work, and almost a year of the fabulous Brooklynn Eileen Duty.

Jenna helps me explore and stretch my talents everyday.  We survive on faith and love.

Jenna is not perfect, just perfect for me.  

Just look at this duo.  There is nothing else! Everyone love your families!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my little copycat.

I cannot believe we leave in 2 days to go on a cruise! AH! I have never been on a vacation like this! I feel like I am no where close to being ready to go! AND my anxiety about leaving baby B keeps rising because I am just going to miss her SO SO SO much!!!! 

But on another note.. she is so funny. If I anything.. she has to have it too, especially if it's food or a drink. But she still can't eat everything we eat and she definitely cannot drink what I am drinking. Such as diet coke! But she does not let up. So instead of me just not drinking diet coke.. because that's clearly never going to happen... She has her own empty diet coke bottle to play with! haha! She's so funny!

Um, and since when did my baby get big enough to walk around and hold her own bottle?!
She is growing up too fast!!!!
If you are wondering what is on her back it is a Hemangioma. It basically is a birth mark. As long as it's not on the neck or eyes it is completely harmless and will go away most likely by the time she is two. :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

my SHINING funny baby girl.

First off you should go enter in my giveaway over at the Shine Project.

Also, today is the last day you can enter in the Ga Ga Galore shop credit giveaway. hurry go here.

And today I leave you will a silly video of Brooklynn passing the time on our long car drive!

Monday, September 26, 2011


LOTS of great things happening this month :: Cruise (amazing guest posters) :: Trip to California :: Pumpkin carving :: Brooklynn's 1st Birthday :: MY 24th birthday :: TWO birthday parties :: and much much more.

3 sizes available. 200x200, 200x150, or 200x100. YOU chose. Only $5.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

botanical gardens in the fall.

The botanical gardens I'm sure is much more beautiful in the spring time. 
But we went today anyway and had a good time walking around.
Family time is the best time.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Since Brooklynn has 7 teeth and basically wants to be a grown up every time we eat anything she gets really mad unless you let her eat it too! It's cute except when you are eating something she cannot have. Then it's just sad. But the other day I was eating an apple and she just would not stop freaking out until I gave her one. And she ate it like an adult. It was pretty crazy and super cute!! 

Now, If you haven't already. Go to the post below and enter in the giveaway! Trust me, you want to! It's for a $20 shop credit to the cutest shop!! Go check it out here now! love you! :)

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I don't know about you, but finding the perfect little blanky that your little one just loves is an important process. Sweet Erica, the extremely talented owner of Ga Ga Galore makes the cutest Loopy blankets. And guess what? Brooklynn LOVES hers! She loves the tags that surround it, the bright colors, and super soft fabrics! She carries it around everywhere!! We are both in love. Check it out...

PJ's :: Walmart
Blanket :: Ga Ga Galore

Seriously, how cute is that blanket?!!
Now here comes the giveaway part!
Meet Erica! :)

"Hiya! My name is Erica and I am a mommy to three cutie-patootie boys Angel (5), Ayden (3), and Aaron (10 months)...okay 4 boys if you count my husband lol! I am a full time workin' momma with a passion for crafting ever since I was a little girl! I am proud to say I am a self-taught sewer and truly enjoy making every adorable. handmade item I offer in my shop {Ga Ga Galore}. The product that takes up most of the space in my shop are my ultra soft, super cuddly & baby friendly Loopy Blanky's. Every baby loves tags, different textures, fun colorful prints, and super soft blanky's to keep close!

Today I am giving away a $20 shop credit for {ANYTHING} in my shop, so perhaps you can shoose that perfect loopy blanky for that adorable baby in your life! Thanks to Jenna for hosting this great giveaway!"

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georgia aquarium

Let me start out by saying the Georgia Aquarium is pretty dang cool. We started out going to the dolphin show which made me want to be a dolphin trainer/performer. I mean, come on, how cool so swim with dolphins and make them do cool tricks and hug them and stuff. AMAZING! I gotta do it! Okay, clearly, I'm never going to be a dolphin trainer but it's pretty good to dream about. We then went on to browse through the rest of the aquarium which was pretty spectacular! Brooklynn made 2 new boyfriends. She really loves other kids. It's fun to watch her go up to them and get up in their faces and stuff. She's so funny. We had a great time. Enjoy the photos!

The winner of the Diet Coke necklace is...
Congrats!!! Email me!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

messy baby.

Every time Brooklynn eats, before I can get a spoonful into her mouth she has to have some of her food on her tray to play with. It makes her eating time get very messy. But I am okay with that. I am okay with her exploring her food. The way it feels and what not. But last night she took messy to a whole new level! :)

The winner of the CanStruction giveaway is
Congrats! Email me!

Don't forget to enter in the diet coke necklace giveaway here.
It ends tonight!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Now, I love football. I was born and raised a USC football fan. 
But after moving to Utah and going to the University of Utah I let another football team into my heart.
Last night was the HUGE rivalry game vs. BYU.
And we won.
Here is a photo of Curtis and I at a Utah football game after we first started dating a few years ago.
Curtis' best friend Jake is also in the photo. :)


Friday, September 16, 2011

on my mind.

Last night we went to the Atlanta Temple and left baby B home with Uncle Keaton. Mind you this is only like the 3rd time we've ever left her with a babysitter while she's awake. I was hopeful that she was going to be good and happy. But she cried a lot of the time saying "mom, mom, mom" Ah! My heart! And I know it's not because the baby sitter was bad because I know that Keaton is GREAT with kids. She just is never away from us. 

In two weeks we are leaving for a one week cruise and leaving her with my in-laws for a week. I am getting major anxiety. I'm so afraid she is going to be sad and think that I have abandoned her. Okay, I know she's going to be okay, because she loves her Grandma and Grandpa Duty but this is going to be so hard for me. I will probably cry all the way to Miami! 

Man I just need to relax.

In other news, today we took Brookie to the park and she had so much fun. She made friends with a little boy and she basically followed him around. It was hilarious. And it was the perfect day because it was overcast with a nice breeze. 

linking up with Casey Wiegand