Sunday, September 4, 2011


This morning we woke up, drank some juice and headed to church. 
B looked so cute in her sunday dress.
Dresses look so much cuter on her now that she can walk around.

After church we all took a much needed, and very long nap.
Then we got up and went on a very long walk.
About 4 miles. (I was so tired after)
It was beautiful out and it was nice to get outside. 
The heat has finally broken and it was about 75 degrees out.
Bye Bye 110 degree weather!

And guess what?!
We leave St. Louis 1 week from tomorrow!


Cassie said...

Oh my gosh, her dress is sooooo adorable! Beautiful pictures and it sounds like a very good Sunday!! =D

Mrs MacKenzie said...

Almost a year ago my daughter was the same age your daughter is now.

I wish I could go back!

I miss everything about this stage.

Hope you're savoring it!

Ashleigh said...

Such an adorable baby!

Heather said...

That fauhawk! ;) Love it!