Friday, September 16, 2011

on my mind.

Last night we went to the Atlanta Temple and left baby B home with Uncle Keaton. Mind you this is only like the 3rd time we've ever left her with a babysitter while she's awake. I was hopeful that she was going to be good and happy. But she cried a lot of the time saying "mom, mom, mom" Ah! My heart! And I know it's not because the baby sitter was bad because I know that Keaton is GREAT with kids. She just is never away from us. 

In two weeks we are leaving for a one week cruise and leaving her with my in-laws for a week. I am getting major anxiety. I'm so afraid she is going to be sad and think that I have abandoned her. Okay, I know she's going to be okay, because she loves her Grandma and Grandpa Duty but this is going to be so hard for me. I will probably cry all the way to Miami! 

Man I just need to relax.

In other news, today we took Brookie to the park and she had so much fun. She made friends with a little boy and she basically followed him around. It was hilarious. And it was the perfect day because it was overcast with a nice breeze. 

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Holly said...

You look so great in that last pic! What a fun week you've had :) Have a great weekend!

Kim said...

Oh Jenna! It's fun for me to read your blog because many of the emotions you express towards B are just the same things I felt when Austin was a baby. I left him with a sitter for the first time at 13 months! There was no reason the leave him before that because I loved to be with him so much. I never needed a break. When he was 18 months I left him over night and even though I cried the first hour, I was reminded that night that I was a wife too! It was so fun to have some time to focus on just my husband and me. The bad news is, with a reminder of how much we enjoy being alone, John and I sneak away any chance we get! The good news is all of our children are untraumatized and well adjusted (and the older they get, they beg us to leave so they can spend a weekend eating junk and staying up late at gma juju's). Sorry for the long comment but I just wanted you to know that you're not crazy! You will cry when you leave her and you will cry when you see her again, but it will be healthy for both of you to have a small separation. And Curtis will LOVE having your undivided attention!
Have fun!

Ashley said...

I am having so many of the same feelings right now. In a week, I leave for my first ever solo vacation and am so anxious. My hubby will be home with the kids and I know they will be fine but I can't help but feeling I won't be fine. I know it is good to get a break every once in awhile but I don't want my kids to think I left them......... I know exactly how you are feeling. :)

kristenplumb said...

you will be fine! B will be fine! Just have fun and relax. If you do cry, no big deal, its completely natural. But don't let it ruin the trip for you!!!!! you two will have so much fun!

My Songbook said...

Just try to relax and have fun! I totally understand though, when my husband and I got away for our anniversary I totally missed my little gal! (Not to mention I was nursing and in so much pain :). I really hope you have fun and just know that she is in safe hands!

p.s. there is a giveaway on my blog right now, and if you like head-bands you should check it out :)

Kristy said...

I understand where you are coming from! Lexie is 2 and a half, and just stayed the night away from me for the first time this summer! I really enjoyed the time with my hubby!! I think it was good for all of us!!

Jen at said...

The pictures of your daughter with the little boy are just adorable!! First BFF-lol! Love it!

Jazmin @ The Miller's said...

Can so relate to those feelings girlie. I think every momma can. :o)

What a lovely trip to the park it looks like.