Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, I BAKED!

Today I was in the mood to bake.. which has actually been happening more and more often these days which is very unlike me. But I've just been making easy things like cupcakes from a box or cookies where the dough is pre-made. But today I was feeling crazy.. I wanted to make something from scratch.. speaking of making something from scratch.. how cute is this girl?!?!

 okay sorry, back to the baking... so yeah Curtis really likes snickerdoodles so I MADE THEM FROM SCRATCH! Whoop whoop! Go me! AND he actually liked them! So, I must say I am pretty proud of myself. 

Friday, April 29, 2011


I haven't blogged in a while and I apologize for that. Here are a few updates to what has been going on here.

-Brooklynn is apparently teething again because it is the ONLY time she is ever fussy. And she has been a little bit more on the fussy side these past few days which really isn't even that fussy. But when you have a perfect baby a little fuss is not what you're used to.

-I've made some friends out here which is nice. Stephanie, Paityn, and Carley. I've been hanging out with them when I can and I really like them a lot. It would be a very lonely summer without them so I appreciate them inviting me to hang out with them.

-Speaking of friends. The 4 of us went to see Water For Elephant which was amazing minus the hurting of the elephant which clearly wasn't real but still REALLY hard to watch. BUT, I definitely would recommend seeing it because it was incredible.

-This diet I'm doing on my own is NOT working.. still trying to figure out how to eat healthy on a budget! If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE fill me with your knowledge! 

-Curtis is just working away like he always does in the summer so not much news there.

-Brooklynn is really getting ready to crawl. She wants to be able to do it SO bad! She just keeps getting stronger and stronger every day! One of these days she is just going to take off! SO crazy that my baby girl is getting so big.

-I just ordered the book "The Help" which I am excited to start reading. But first I am reading "The Millionaire Next Door". Curtis bought me that one.. ;)

Anyway, that's pretty much it I feel like, Here is a video of Brooklynn working on her muscles trying to crawl.. I apologize that the video is really long but I just couldn't turn the camera off. There are some really cute parts so if you want to watch the whole thing be my guest. but the last couple minutes are the best. She gets really mobile at the end! :)

My little girl!

OH, and my mom sent us a package with some great toys for B that she absolutely loves and some PJ's for her as well. Here she is in one pair of her cute new PJ's!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All I have to say is this baby girl is so close to crawling... 
She is growing up so fast.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday!

We had an amazing Easter Sunday! Church was great as always then it was home to make dinner. Curtis has 8 technicians out here they are all single so I decided to make dinner for everyone. We had BBQ chicken, asparagus, mashed potatoes, and yummy dinner rolls. Then for dessert I made chocolate chip cookies. I grew up always getting a Easter gift or treat so I got each tech an Easter Bubble Tape. 
It was fun to have everyone together and I was glad I didn't run out of food feeding all of those boys!
Today was a success, it was our first Easter together as a whole family and I loved every second of it!

Happy Easter, Everyone!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Tornado!

When I moved to Utah I thought I moved into crazy weather! Turns out, Missouri has even CRAZIER weather! There have been about 4 tornado warnings since we got here. But nothing happened just crazy rain and thunder and lighting. 

However, last night was different. There really was a tornado!!!! Curtis was out working and I was home alone with Brooklynn watching the news kind of freaking out. They said it was headed toward where we live. I was about to run down to my neighbor below me who i've never met and ask them if we could hide in their bathroom. BUT it went the other way an we were in the clear. It hit about 5 miles away from us. Which is NOT very far. It's so crazy that it was so close and I feel so bad for the people that it hit. It destroyed about 20 houses, a church, an airport, and an endless amount of cars. I am so thankful it didn't hit where we live or where Curtis was working! NUTS!

Here are a few photos I got off some news site to show you the damage. And like I said before, this is about 5 miles away from us.

Pretty crazy right??

Friday, April 22, 2011

Kaitlin Rose Graff is a College Graduate!!

I thought I would just take a moment and mention that Kaitlin has graduated college! I am so proud of her! Being friends since we were 7 this is huge. I still remember the first time we hung out and she was making these pet rocks we made have funny voices and I thought she was so funny. I wished I was as funny as she was. I knew then that we were meant for each other! Ha! We have had friends come in and out of our lives but she has always been there. We can go MONTHS without seeing each other and the second we get together it's like no time has passed. It's crazy that we've been friends for so long... We've been through SO much together. 
I remember the first time that we decided we were going to be "best friends". We were sitting on my bed before a stake dance and I'm pretty sure I just said "Hey, want to be best friends?" and she said, "YES! i do!!" Sounds kind of like a wedding proposal but you know what? It kind of was. A wedding of amazing friendship! This girl has got me through so much and I do not know what I would do with out her!
I love the memory of her and I sitting at the airport waiting to fly to Utah to start our first year of college. Siting there with our brand new laptops ready to take on the world! I think we were in our dorm room for about an hour when we started to cry about how we had no friends and our curtains were ugly! We're a little dramatic. haha. We DID end up making friends. Not really with the girl that gave us a really dirty look after I jumped and fell in the elevator. HA. We were crazy. staying up all night and sleeping all day pretty much described our first 2 years of college. SO much fun. 
We are both in very different places of our lives but I still always know that I can count on her! 
I am so proud that she has graduated from BYU even though I am a Ute fan (I mean come on my daughter was born there!) I guess the one cool thing about BYU is that Kaitlin went there. So it can't be that bad right?? 
Anywho, I love this girl so much!

I was going to post a bunch of pictures of us but then I remembered that Kaitlin made this totally super awesome slide show of photos of us!! So I'm going to repost that now so you better watch the whole thing! (Curtis even makes a small appearance! )
also, it takes a minute for it to get started so keep watching.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

B is 6 Months Old!!!

I cannot believe that I have a 6 month old baby! She is seriously the greatest baby ever. I know I always go on and on and on about how awesome she is but she really is dang awesome! Today she had her 6 month check up even though she turned 6 months yesterday. Here are the stats of our super awesomely huge baby girl.

Weight: 20lbs 8oz (97th percentile)
Length: 27.5" (90th percentile)
Head: 44 1/2 cm (95th percentile)

That's right people, we basically have a 6 month old baby the size of a 1 year old. And she is AWESOME!
She is the only thing that keeps me sane throughout the day!

Here she is eating her baby food which she LOVES.

I told you all about My Gym in an earlier post and I mentioned how much she love that little jumparoo thingy. So this week I filmed her in it for a minute. She wasn't jumping as constantly this week of course because I was filming but you get the picture. Also, one of the girls that works at My Gym is in the video and she is full of life. lol

stop growing so fast.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Clean Clean Clean

Yesterday I went on a full on cleaning spree! There was still so much stuff that needed to be folded and put away from our move. Our living room, dining room, and kitchen were all pretty much good, but Brooklynn's room, our room, and our bathroom were just out of control. None of the clothes were put away they were just all over the place. Ah, it was really started to get to me. So, yesterday I decided to do something about it! And I did! It may have taken me all day but our apartment is finally all put together! AND then I did a good cleaning on the whole place! I feel very proud of myself for cleaning all day. Well, when B was asleep, cause I like to be with her and play with her while she's awake. But, it all got done and I feel really good about it. 
However, I am pooped today. I had a hard time getting out of bed because I am sore from cleaning all day. How sad is that? Clearly I need to be working out more. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

So Tired Right Now

Notice how the post right below talks about how Brooklynn woke up an hour later than normal yesterday and how great it was? Yeah, well, not so lucky today.
Brooklynn woke up at 4am this morning!!! I could NOT believe it! I guess she wasn't feel well. So I go her up and changed her and fed her and gave her some Tylenol. We played for about an hour where I was STRUGGLING to stay awake then put her down. She luckily fell asleep.
I was sure she was going to sleep in because she had been fed and changed at 4am.

NO such luck... she was up at 6:45! AHHH. I had a VERY hard time getting out of bed. We may have gone to Mc Donalds already to get a large diet coke to keep me awake...

It's now 9am and time to put this baby girl down for a nap.. which means I'M going to take a nap!
It's a good thing she is so dang cute! Makes it all worth it!

Friday, April 15, 2011

An Extra Hour!!

In an early post I talked about how those early mornings were REALLY starting to get to me. WELL, today baby B slept in until 7:30! I got an extra hour of sleep! It's amazing what that extra hour can do for you! I feel good today. It's going to be a good day. Even though I did plyometrics on P90X two days ago and I am having a hard time walking because my legs are in SO much pain!!! Looks like I need to do some good ab work outs today to even the pain. Although I enjoy ab pain! Gotta get it back! 
Woot Woot.

But, anyway, thanks baby booboo bear for sleeping in that extra hour! I needed it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Daddy Time

Today Curtis was able to spend some time at home, he even played with Brooklynn so I could take a little nap! It was very nice. We love it when Daddy is home! Brooklynn LOVES him!

They are so cute together!

On a different note; today I went on a walk with two of the sales reps wives. It was really fun. They were very nice to invite me. I look forward to hanging out with them more this summer! :)

Now, time for Bones! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Gym

Today Brooklynn and I went to our first mommy and me class at My Gym. It was SO much fun! We had a blast! That was the first time Brooklynn was around other babies and you could see it in her eyes how much she loved watching them crawl and walk around. She did crawling and walking exercises, played on a rocking horse, went down the slide(with my help of course) and her favorite part was bouncing in a jumparoo thing hanging from the sealing. Her legs looks like she was doing a little Irish jig every time she jumped. It was hilarious. It was nice to talk to the other moms and hopefully I'll get some friends out of it to have play dates this summer. Things are looking up!

Here is baby B in her new My Gym t-shirt!
So serious!

We can't wait to go back next week!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life

Today is Curtis' 27th birthday! Why is it that men just look better and better as they get older? It's a mystery to me, but a fact nonetheless. I am such a lucky girl to have such an amazing, hard working, and loving husband who is also such an amazing dad! Brooklynn and I are very blessed to be taken care of by such an exceptional person. I am so thankful that because he is so hard working that I can stay home and take care of our beautiful daughter. We both love him very much, making today one of the best days of the year because it was the day he was born! So, thank you Frank and Cynthia for raising such a great man and preparing him to have a family. I couldn't ask for anything more!
I love you, Curtis! Happy Birthday!

Early Mornings

Brooklynn is amazing and is asleep in bed by 8pm every night! It is really amazing. She used to wake up at 8am every morning which was perfect. Then she started getting up at 7:30am which was not as good but still manageable. But recently she's been get up between 6 and 7 and that is just nuts for me. I mean, realistically, her sleeping from 745 8pm to 6:30am is really great! I however, am NOT a morning person. No matter what time I go to bed at night getting up before 8am is just really hard for me. I have always WANTED to be a morning person. But it just doesn't work for me. haha. At least when she gets up that early she goes back down for her first nap between 8 and 830am and I just go back to bed. haha. But man, these early mornings are hard for me. She is so happy in the morning and I want to be aware of what's going on, but it's so easy to zone out when I am so tired. 
Now it's time to make some muffins for Curtis' birthday breakfast.

Monday, April 11, 2011

So Happy to Have a Happy Baby

I remember back when I was pregnant and reading every baby book I could possibly find there was a book that mentioned that some babies are happier than others. At that moment I was praying that I would have a happy baby. Well, the first 3 weeks Brooklynn was alive she cried quite a bit. I was nervous that I didn't have a happy baby. Boy, was I wrong. I have a VERY happy baby, and here is an example. Today as I was walking around Trader Joes I looked at Brooklynn and said, "Hi baby". She immediately started cracking up laughing. Every time I would say it she just started cracking up! Everyone in the store was pretty much eating it up. It was hilarious! I am so thankful to have such a happy baby. She makes me so happy. I love my girl so much!!!

Here she is in her new bath duck.

LOVE her grumpy face.

Today we were playing on the couch before nap time. I went to get her bottle and came out to this.
hahah pooped. 

Okay People, It's Go Time!

Today marks the first day of my lifestyle change. AKA diet but I don't want to call it that. Diets never work. So basically I am changing the way I eat forever. I no longer can eat whatever I want and stay skinny. Aparently, having a baby will do that to you. It's okay though. I wouldn't trade Brooklynn for anything. But now it's time to get it back! So today I start my lifestyle change! It's not going to be easy! So wish me luck because I am NOT good at this! I already want Taco Bell! 
ahahahahaha oh here I go...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Elder Nathan Merkley

So about 16 months ago my best friend Kaitlin's boyfriend left on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was called to St. Louis, Missouri. So far away from good ol' Utah! So, off he went not to see us for 2 whole years! Well, as you all know my husband works for Vivint where he goes somewhere different every summer to run an office of technicians. And as you all know this summer he was sent to none other than ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI! How crazy is that?? Pretty crazy if you ask me. 
Today we just HAPPENED to go to his ward. Totally a coincidence! ;) haha. It was so great to see him and he is just doing amazing! The people of St. Louis really love him and he is a great missionary!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today I Took A Lot Of Photos

About a year ago Curtis bought me a really nice camera. I feel as if I am not using it to its full potential so I have decided to make it a goal to take more photos and really learn how to use it. I've always wanted to be good at taking photos and I guess the only way I'll get better is by taking them. So here are photos I took today.

These first few photos are what I see right outside of our apartment.

Here are a few of baby B

Curtis was over at his office unloading a million boxes in the hot heat. 

Another of baby B

For dinner we went to TGI Fridays. It was sooo good!

So that was pretty much our first real day in St. Louis!

And now I leave you with an old video of Brooklynn laughing really hard!

bye bye now.