Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Tornado!

When I moved to Utah I thought I moved into crazy weather! Turns out, Missouri has even CRAZIER weather! There have been about 4 tornado warnings since we got here. But nothing happened just crazy rain and thunder and lighting. 

However, last night was different. There really was a tornado!!!! Curtis was out working and I was home alone with Brooklynn watching the news kind of freaking out. They said it was headed toward where we live. I was about to run down to my neighbor below me who i've never met and ask them if we could hide in their bathroom. BUT it went the other way an we were in the clear. It hit about 5 miles away from us. Which is NOT very far. It's so crazy that it was so close and I feel so bad for the people that it hit. It destroyed about 20 houses, a church, an airport, and an endless amount of cars. I am so thankful it didn't hit where we live or where Curtis was working! NUTS!

Here are a few photos I got off some news site to show you the damage. And like I said before, this is about 5 miles away from us.

Pretty crazy right??


Erin said...

I was in 4 Tornados once while I was visiting my aunt in Tennessee, it's no fun, bathtubs are supposed to be a safe place to hide, I'm sure there's a basement in case of a tornado as well in your building.

The Cisneros Family! said...

Holy moly that's insane! I would be freaking out!