Friday, April 29, 2011


I haven't blogged in a while and I apologize for that. Here are a few updates to what has been going on here.

-Brooklynn is apparently teething again because it is the ONLY time she is ever fussy. And she has been a little bit more on the fussy side these past few days which really isn't even that fussy. But when you have a perfect baby a little fuss is not what you're used to.

-I've made some friends out here which is nice. Stephanie, Paityn, and Carley. I've been hanging out with them when I can and I really like them a lot. It would be a very lonely summer without them so I appreciate them inviting me to hang out with them.

-Speaking of friends. The 4 of us went to see Water For Elephant which was amazing minus the hurting of the elephant which clearly wasn't real but still REALLY hard to watch. BUT, I definitely would recommend seeing it because it was incredible.

-This diet I'm doing on my own is NOT working.. still trying to figure out how to eat healthy on a budget! If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE fill me with your knowledge! 

-Curtis is just working away like he always does in the summer so not much news there.

-Brooklynn is really getting ready to crawl. She wants to be able to do it SO bad! She just keeps getting stronger and stronger every day! One of these days she is just going to take off! SO crazy that my baby girl is getting so big.

-I just ordered the book "The Help" which I am excited to start reading. But first I am reading "The Millionaire Next Door". Curtis bought me that one.. ;)

Anyway, that's pretty much it I feel like, Here is a video of Brooklynn working on her muscles trying to crawl.. I apologize that the video is really long but I just couldn't turn the camera off. There are some really cute parts so if you want to watch the whole thing be my guest. but the last couple minutes are the best. She gets really mobile at the end! :)

My little girl!

OH, and my mom sent us a package with some great toys for B that she absolutely loves and some PJ's for her as well. Here she is in one pair of her cute new PJ's!


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