Monday, April 11, 2011

So Happy to Have a Happy Baby

I remember back when I was pregnant and reading every baby book I could possibly find there was a book that mentioned that some babies are happier than others. At that moment I was praying that I would have a happy baby. Well, the first 3 weeks Brooklynn was alive she cried quite a bit. I was nervous that I didn't have a happy baby. Boy, was I wrong. I have a VERY happy baby, and here is an example. Today as I was walking around Trader Joes I looked at Brooklynn and said, "Hi baby". She immediately started cracking up laughing. Every time I would say it she just started cracking up! Everyone in the store was pretty much eating it up. It was hilarious! I am so thankful to have such a happy baby. She makes me so happy. I love my girl so much!!!

Here she is in her new bath duck.

LOVE her grumpy face.

Today we were playing on the couch before nap time. I went to get her bottle and came out to this.
hahah pooped. 

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ash+kris said...

haha.. Hilarious that she was already asleep on the couch! I love it.. She is TOOOO cute!