Wednesday, April 28, 2010

packing sucks

packing really does suck...
especially when you are leaving your husband for 4 months while being pregnant!!
but hey we gotta make money somehow right??
and at least i am going home to my wonderful family who i know is going to take care of my pregnant self.
and i knowing my family, my baby girl who is not born yet is going to be spoiled all summer.
i'm excited to spend so much time with my family and friends in california...
but i sure am going to miss curtis.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

it's a girl!!!!

baby girls profile

it's a girl!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


on saturday after curtis and i did some more cleaning around the house we went to the zoo!! it was so much fun! i love animals! first when we saw the elephants there way a baby one! it happened to be the funniest elephant we had ever seen! this little guy was running around chasing a ball, running into the wall, laying down throwing little fits, running like it was going to run into people and everything else a funny elephant could do. we saw a lot of cute monkeys which are my favorite animals! another highlight of the zoo was this awesome giraffe. this was the closest i have ever gotten to a giraffe! also look how long their tongues are! holy cow so gross! but kind of cool at the same time! :) there were a ton of other beautiful animals but those were definitely the highlights. i'm excited to spend my summer in california so i can go to all of the zoos there! overall our time at the zoo was so fun! i only have 3 days left with curtis before our summer apart begins. gotta make the best of it!

zoo photos!

cute monkey eating!

this little elephant was hilarious! chasing a ball and running at people. so funny!

apx summer has already begun.. on the phone constantly!!

this giraffe has such a long tongue! yuck!

i thought this was cute!

feeding the cute giraffe!

if you look closely the cougar is in the roof. haha

the tigers were sleeping so far away but they were so pretty!


peacock just walkin around!

Friday, April 23, 2010

dinner and bowling

tonight curtis and i went over to our friends jim and haileys house where jake made us all dinner. lol. jake made tacos which were delicious! curtis also made his famous cheese dip! we were all satisfied at the end of the meal. after we ate we decided to go bowling which turned out to be a ton of fun! the first round the boys all did really well while hailey and i both hit 50. but round 2 was different! i bowled a 139 which not only won that game but was the highest score of the night! i must say i was very proud of myself since i don't think i've ever broke 100 bowling. so i feel accomplished! now, time for bed! night!

dinner and bowling photos


today when i was trying to get on the freeway i saw this... so crazy! the craziest part is that there were no other cars involved and you can even turn left the way that guy was turning.. i have no idea how this happened but it made my commute longer. at least no one was hurt.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

more cleaning!

today we did a deep clean in the house that curtis owns. it took a long time. we even steam cleaned the carpets. it was needed. it looks and smells so much better now! it's amazing how stinky a house can get when there are 5 boys and 1 dog living in it. it's much better now.

i'm super excited about the new camera we got.. so pictures soon to come! goodnight and i hope everyone had a great earth day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

best husband ever

it's true. i really do have the best husband ever! he bought me a brand new camera that is absolutely amazing! i cannot wait to start taking pictures with it! i love him so much. he is so good to me. :)

peaceful morning

in the apartment complex we live in right now we are woken up very early every morning by kids playing basket ball and screaming. it can get very frustrating. however, this morning it was raining so there were no kids screaming outside our window and i got to sleep in to just the sound of the rain. best. morning. ever. AND to top it off i just made an appointment for next tuesday to find out the gender of the baby! i can't wait!!!!! :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


tonight i went down to provo to visit some friends. i had del taco with kaitlin which is one of our favorite things to do. i ate 6 soft tacos and fries. i ate all of it! i feel like i should not eat that much. but i was just so hungry.. i think i'm going to get up in the morning and go for a really long walk. yes that is what i'll do. haha.

i also went to my friend kourtney's surprise birthday party. i love surprise parties. they are so much fun. especially if the person really doesn't know they are getting one. i love that. i have a lot of friends that live in provo that i don't get to see very much so it was fun to take a little trip down there. i even ran into my long lost friend cami who i haven't seen in over 2 years and smiths! it totally made my night! overall my trip to provo was a success! now time to hang with the husband! night friends! :)


yeah i ate all of that. every last bit of it.. so bad i know..

at kourtney's surprise bday party!

spring cleaning

this morning i woke up and then spent about 5 hours cleaning the apartment. not that it was super dirty i just did a deep clean. it was fun. lol. i was joined by my new camelback water bottle that i love! i need to be drinking more water so i don't retain so much! this is helping cause my water bottle is so cool! well time to watch castle with curtis before i get ready for the night! bye!

Monday, April 19, 2010


this morning i had a presentation that i have been dreading all semester. it actually went pretty good and i am more then happy that it is over. my friend michelle came to see me today which was so exciting! she doesn't live here anymore so i don't ever get to see her! she looked great and it was so fun catching up! :)

tonight curtis and i went to this place called brewvies tonight. it is a restaurant/movie theater. it was so much fun to go on a little date. i love spending time with my husband.. can you imagine that? haha.

no school tomorrow... what to do..... ????


bbq at the barney's! so much fun! we had hot dogs and hamburgers and played some settlers. curtis won.. i did not. ha

i hate presentations

about to go into a 1 hour 45 minute presentation... i just want it to be over.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Sunday!

today has been a great day! i woke up in a great mood! curtis and i got up and made bacon, eggs, and pancakes! it was delicious. curtis added strawberries to his breakfast which was the perfect touch. i never was a big breakfast eater until i got pregnant. since i have to take my prenatal vitamin in the morning with food i have gained a new appreciation for it. so i like to make the best of it.

curtis and i later went on a walk along this river that's not the cleanest but of course we found something beautiful... BABY DUCKYS! i love baby animals and these little ducks were perfect. there were so many of them! as we got closer the mama duck was getting upset so we took our picture and moved on. they were so cute though i wanted to take one home! then i remember that i had ducks in the past and as cute as they are they are not easy to take care of.. so we left them in the river where they belong.

i was so excited when i got a text message this morning from my friend joee saying "happy anniversary". haha. it was 2 years ago today that my friend chassey and i decided to go to an audition for a show called "high school musical: get in the picture" it was a long hot process but 2 great things happened. 1. i met nick lachey as you can see in the picture below and i told him a really stupid joke. and 2. i met joee who has become one of my best friends and best musical source! so i just wanted to say thanks to joee for being such a great friend!! :)


our yummy breakfast!

soo many baby ducks!

the day i met joee and nick lachey! best day ever! i love my joee!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

simple things

today curtis and i (well mostly curtis) did some yard and house work around the house that we rent out. in the middle of all the junk they put back there we found some random yet beautiful flowers!! it totally made my day after trying on the dress i bought 3 months ago for nicoles wedding and realizing it did not fit!!! the new one will come 5 days before her wedding.. this one better fit... oh the joys of being pregnant.


bees game

Last night curtis, his dad, courtney, zach, marilyn, reagan, and i went to the season opener bees game. there were 11 innings and the bees lost. it was sad i had a great hot dog though. there is something about having a hot dog at a baseball game... even though the game was very long there were fireworks after. i love fireworks. they were so great.

sorry to zach and marilyn who were sitting in front of 3 obnoxious kids who were throwing popcorn at their heads the whole time. you guys are troopers!

well, time to get ready curtis and i have a big day ahead of us full of errands. yay! i love him.

pictures from the bees game

Friday, April 16, 2010

diet coke vs. diet dr pepper

after i found out i was pregnant i quit drinking diet coke... and for those of you who know me that is something that many people thought i could never do. but guess what? i did! i haven't had one in over 2 months! however, lately i've been craving soda! but when i drink diet coke i don't like it anymore which is insane. curtis, being from texas is a huge dr pepper drinker so i have been having sips of his every now and then. today we went to lunch and they offered diet dr pepper so i got it.... AND I LIKED IT! oh no.. this is the start of something bad. someone stop me.

curtis and i at the ldsbc graduation

graduation and stories

the graduation yesterday was great. but what was even more great about it was that when i was looking at the program my name was in it. i graduated from lds business college in december and totally forgot that this would have been my graduation too if i wanted to walk. so funny. at least i got a program with my name in it.

later last night we all came back home and curtis' dad shared some great stories about curtis when he was younger! and even had pictures! honestly, there is nothing better than hearing stories about my husband from his parents.

then we finished the night off with watching the latest episode of modern family which is one of the best shows ever. if you don't want it... you need to! it is hilarious!! it's on wednesday nights. watch it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

15 weeks

this morning i woke up and realized that today i am 15 weeks pregnant! i'm gettin there! they say that i'll be able to feel the baby move in the next couple of weeks. i am so excited for that. something i'm not excited for is the fact that i cannot sleep on my stomach anymore... i've never been able to sleep any other way. i guess it's time to learn. it also says in my book that people can easily tell that i am pregnant by now.. honestly, i just feel like i look fat and not pregnant. but i know that will change. being pregnant for the first time is an emotional roller coaster. so many changes. but at the same time it's a beautiful thing and i feel so blessed. we find out in a couple weeks what we are having and i cannot wait for that! i don't have a preference on what it is, i just want to know! that will be a good day. :)

on another note, zach, my brother in-law is graduating from lds business college today so we are all attending to support him. it will be fun because curtis and i both graduated from there and it's also where we met. good times.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

finally met the dad

so this may be hard to believe but after being married for 2 months i finally met curtis' dad today. he is such a sweet man. curtis, he, and i went to the church history museum and to dinner. it was so much fun! everyone i have met in curtis' family has been so great. they are such nice people and i am so proud to be apart of the family. tonight curtis' dad showed me pictures of curtis as a child and that was the greatest ever! it just made me fall in love with curtis even more. his baby pictures just reassured me that we are going to have one cute baby! today was a good day. basically to sum it all up... i am proud to be a duty! :)

trying this again

i've tried to blog in the past and did not have much luck. i'm hoping this time will be different. i feel like it is time for me to start having routine in my life and this is going to be one of them. my goal is to blog every day. who knows if anyone is going to read this but it'll be good for me. i'm 22. newly married to the most amazing guy ever! i'm pregnant. it's going to be a long hot summer. my husband works for an alarm company and runs an office of technicians every summer. therefore he is going to cleveland, ohio this summer and i am not going with him. i'll be spending my summer in california with my family. it is going to suck really bad to be away from him for so long but such is life. it will be fun to spend so much time with my family. life is crazy and i'm gonna write it all here. enjoy.