Friday, January 24, 2014

we're moving...

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we are moving to...
(drumroll please)
bakersfield, califoria

now i have to admit i at first didn't have the best attitude about moving to bakersfield... i just feel like i was born to live in big cities with lots of people and things to do... but i've come to realize that i really know nothing about this place and i need to go into this with an open mind and a good attitude. 

luckily i have a friend who grew up in bakersfield and knows all of the good areas to live in and the areas we need to stay away from so it's nice having her help while we find somewhere to live. we will be moving there literally as soon as we find a place.. it's all happening so fast.. 

i really am excited for this new adventure.. i am so happy to get out of the cold and it will be so fun to be less than 3 hours away from my family. it will be nice for brooklynn to be able to play and ride her bike outside.. and we can start going on walks again!! but it will be so sad to leave curtis' side of the family out here. it has been so nice living close to them and i love them so much that it is going to be really hard to leave them.. it will also be really hard to leave my friends that i have here.. and the ward we are in. i absolutely love it! 

and who am i going to go to dinner with and spend hours and hours talking about one direction with when i'm living so far away from kaitlin? ahhh

so as you can see this is going to be a bitter sweet transition but i am feeling optimistic.

i am ready to start this new chapter of our lives.
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Thursday, January 9, 2014

my thoughts on mockingjay (spoilers)

i read the hunger games and catching fire while i was pregnant with brooklynn almost 4 years ago but i never read mockingjay. i don't know why i never read it.. it could be because so many people told me it was their least favorite out of the 3 books so i didn't feel a big rush to read it. well in light of my new years resolution to read 12 books this year i figured it give it a go. i'm so glad i did. i actually really liked it despite a few things that really made me mad.

here are my thoughts and yes there will be major major spoilers so if you haven't read the book and are planning to just do not read this post.

  • um so peeta is crazy? i really don't like that he is all messed up for most of the book because i always loved how peeta loves katniss and would do anything for her that i hate that he's so mean to her for the majority of the book. on a different note it was nice to see katniss fight for peeta.
  • i don't like that katniss is so cold towards gale. ok, now here's the thing. when i read the hunger games and catching fire i was so team peeta so i would not have cared had i read this before the movies came out... but i'm all confused now because they casted liam hemsworth as gale and he is just so much hotter than josh hutcherson who plays peeta that it made me conflicted.. dang movies.
  • i liked that finnick and annie got married. that made me happy.
  • i liked that katniss and johanna kind of helped each other out, it was nice to see them become sort of friends. but i was sad that she lost her mind again during the test and wasn't able to go into combat although it probably saved her life.
  • speaking of that... why on earth did finnick have to die.. i really grew to love hims and it made me so sad that he left annie behind! boo
  • i'm glad katniss didn't shoot gale when he mouthed it to her.. that would have been lame.
  • I AM BEYOND UPSET THAT THEY KILLED PRIM! i mean hello, remember at the beginning of the series that katniss volunteered to take her place in the games so that she could live???? i mean, yeah katniss sparked the revolution and it all kind of worked out even though a lot of people died but come on.. not prim.
  • i was actually kind of disappointed that most of the remaining victors chose to have the kids of those in power in the capitol to be in a hunger games.. really? like what did president snows granddaughter have to do with anything? that kind of bugged me.
  • when katniss shot president coin... whoa, did not see that coming... 
  • i was sad that haymitch just went back to drinking.. though i don't blame him
  • i wanted more interacted with katniss and peeta... i feel like it ended and they were like yeah we like each other?? what?? i need more.
  • and what about gale.. so she gets taken to district 12 to live after the whole thing goes down and doesn't say bye to gale.. doesn't talk to gale.. doesn't know anything about what he's doing after everything that he did for her and her family! yeah i know she's made because he helped build the bomb that killed prim but he didn't send the bomb to kill her! i don't know it just makes me mad that after everything they went through they didn't even say bye to each other. i don't like that at all.

okay, i know most of those things are things that i didn't like about the book but i just had to get it off my chest. i really did like the book overall and i'm interested to see how they make the movie. wish it wasn't going to be in two parts..

anyway, anyone else read this book? thoughts?
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Monday, January 6, 2014


there are going to be a lot of changes around here pretty soon. good changes. stressful but good changes. curtis got a new job working for vivint solar and we will be moving in about 3-4 weeks.. we actually don't know exactly where we will be moving.. somewhere in either southern california for arizona. we will find out where sometime in the next 3-4 weeks and then we will immediately move. but for now curtis is working in orange county and i'm staying here with the kids getting everything packed up and ready to go so when we get the word we can go asap. it's a pretty stressful time and it's not going to be fun being here without curtis. i have a hard time sleeping when he's gone because i get mega paranoid and every little noise is magnified and i freak out and start thinking crazy stories in my head and i usually end up staying up really late which isn't good when you have littles who like to be up bright and early! or should i say dark and early since a lot of the time the sun isn't even up yet. 

i must admit, i am getting really excited about moving somewhere much warmer than here but i am also going to miss utah a bit.. i will miss our family and friends out here the most. and it really is beautiful here but as a california girl i am most definitely not going to miss the winter here. not at all. hopefully we will find out where we will be going soon.. i just need to make it through these next couple of weeks and then everything is going to fall into place. crazy that we are actually moving. i will definitely let you know as soon as i know! ah
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

bowling / / weighing in

today we headed down to the provo beach resort for some bowling and games. it was brooklynns first time bowling and she absolutely loved it. we picked up grandma on the way and made her come with us. it was so much fun having her with us today! it had been 3 years since i'd been bowling and i don't know why we haven't been going more. it's so much fun! you'll notice in the photos that i smoked everyone! also, playing all of the arcade games. i felt like a little kid in there having so much fun playing. it was a great day! 
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^^ notice, i smoked everyone! curtis didn't have a great game today.. brooklynn beat him too! haha :) ^^

on a different note:
i had said in my new years resolutions i was going to weigh in at the end of each month to track my progress but i of course need to post a starting weight which i really don't want to do but i must...
165 is the current weight.
end goal: 115
it. will. happen.