Thursday, January 2, 2014

bowling / / weighing in

today we headed down to the provo beach resort for some bowling and games. it was brooklynns first time bowling and she absolutely loved it. we picked up grandma on the way and made her come with us. it was so much fun having her with us today! it had been 3 years since i'd been bowling and i don't know why we haven't been going more. it's so much fun! you'll notice in the photos that i smoked everyone! also, playing all of the arcade games. i felt like a little kid in there having so much fun playing. it was a great day! 
 photo IMG_8129_zps3e169a17.jpg
 photo IMG_8154_zpsab1a0882.jpg
 photo IMG_8152_zpsbeb4127f.jpg
 photo IMG_8155_zps4924497c.jpg
 photo IMG_8161_zpsb0fe9abb.jpg
^^ notice, i smoked everyone! curtis didn't have a great game today.. brooklynn beat him too! haha :) ^^

on a different note:
i had said in my new years resolutions i was going to weigh in at the end of each month to track my progress but i of course need to post a starting weight which i really don't want to do but i must...
165 is the current weight.
end goal: 115
it. will. happen.


Nicole Cisneros said...

Remind me to never recruit Curtis to my team.... Hahahaha

Tiffany said...

What are you doing to try to lose weight? I have been doing an amazing twelve week program for the last two months and I am loving it. The free is a link to the program as well as progress photos on my blog. :-). I also started a Facebook page to help keep me motivated and it had really helped. It's taking Tiffany back