Monday, February 25, 2013

potty training day 1

Disclaimer: If you don't care about potty training or want to hear about it don't read this post.

I have literally been dreading this day since the day I found out I was pregnant... If you think I am joking.. I am not. Potty training is not fun. Well, to be honest, it is pretty dang awesome seeing her succeed and be so proud of herself. That is an awesome feeling. But the rest of it pretty much sucks.

Okay, I really shouldn't be complaining because today went awesome! We woke up and I took her diaper off. I wanted to try the just be naked approach but since we had been talking to her so much about wearing "big girl underwear" she really wanted to do that. So we put that on and about 10 minutes later while eating breakfast and of course right after I ask her if she has to go to the bathroom and she told me no she goes, "mooommm, I neeeed youuu!!" I walked over to find that she had peed her underwear. 

I took her and put her on the potty anyway, explained to her how we go on the potty and not in our underwear because we are not wearing diapers anymore... blah blah blah and all of the stuff but stayed very positive. After that I decided to go with the naked approach. 

Now this was MUCH better.. she did not have ONE accident ALL day this way. It was interesting because the first 3 times after the accident that she went I knew she had to go because she would look at me very concerned and say "oh oh oh!" and I would grab her tell her to hold it and run her to the potty. I could tell she could barely hold it. But by the 4th time she said "mommy I need to pee" as she would start walking to the bathroom. I was shocked! I couldn't believe she was doing SO well.

Now during nap time since she's in a crib and I didn't have the plastic liner to go under her crib sheet I put a pull up on her. After her nap her pull up was wet but not even that much. 

All day she did not go number 2. Now she's gone number 2 on the toilet before so I'm just thinking she just didn't need to go today so hopefully we can tackle that tomorrow. Hopefully she doesn't go in the night.

So, all in all it was a pretty successful day and I am SO proud of you. But man is it tiring. Having to ask her literally every 10 minutes if she needed to go to the bathroom, and making sure she didn't go off to any corners on her own and all of that really takes it out of you... 

Hopefully tomorrow goes just as well, actually hopefully tomorrow goes better. But I am SO beyond proud of her accomplishments today! 

 photo photo-56_zps81074c6b.jpg
Brooklynn and Papa when he was in town last week

Thursday, February 21, 2013

pregnancy the second time around.

Let me first start off by saying.. I am so happy I am pregnant. We had been trying for a couple months and I am just so happy. I wanted Brooklynn and this baby to be 2 1/2 to 3 years apart, but I didn't want them to be any more or and less then that. We made it under the 3 year mark but about a month and a half. So I am very thankful for that. 

But man, this pregnancy at 12 weeks has already been so different than my last. With Brooklynn my first trimester went a little like this... I woke up, I was tired but not terribly tired. Every day without fail between 11 and 2 out of no where I would have to literally run to the bathroom and throw up. But I was never nauseous. It was weird but I didn't mind it. After that I felt fine the rest of the day. 

Now this time, I have felt nauseous almost every single day, a weird type of nauseous that makes me feel like I'm sick because I'm starving! It's so frustrating because the only thing that makes it go away is eating. I never throw up. I have not thrown up once this entire time but I have been way more nauseous. It's extremely weird. I would rather throw up once a day if it meant I didn't have to feel nauseous. 

And the exhaustion, oh my goodness. I don't know if it is that I have a toddler running around that I get to take care of or what but holy cow, 95% of the time I'm thinking about the next time I get to be in bed.. it's pretty pathetic. And then I had a head ache for about 2 weeks that would not go away for the life of me. So frustrating. 

My cravings have also been out of control I tell you... Every day I want junk food, like pizza hut, and chipotle, and panda express. It's bad. Hopefully now that I'm almost out of that first trimester hopefully things will calm down a bit.

But all of that aside, I am so excited for so many things this pregnancy. In about 4 weeks we will find out what we are having! I cannot wait to find out!! I want to know so bad! I feel like once I know what we're having I can create a bond with this baby, not that I don't already have a bond with this baby because I totally do. From the second I found out I was pregnant I was already IN LOVE with this sweet little miracle!! And also about that same time I should start to feel the little baby kick! AH the baby kicks are the BEST!!! Seriously one of the coolest feelings in the entire world!!

So even though this pregnancy has been a lot harder on my body than last time I am so happy and I am so blessed to be apart of this amazing miracle of life!

So now I leave you with this cute girl (who is going to be the best big sister!) dancing. She was really feeling the music. Love her so much!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy love day

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I really love holidays. I really do. My mom always went all out for all holidays and I want to do that for my family as well. It was so much fun, and as Brooklynn is getting older it's getting more and more fun for her.

Of course I love Valentines Day because it's a reminder of how happy I am with the love of my life. It reminds me that I married such a hard working amazing man and I am truly the luckiest girl. I love you Curtis!! Thank you SO much for the flowers and money for a massage!!! You know me well!!

But I also love the fun part of the decorations, and the little gifts for my little girl. This morning we woke up and she got a few little Valentines Day presents which were followed by HUGE valentines day hugs! Then we made pink waffles which were the highlight of the morning! We had so much fun. Then we put on our matching red valentines day pants and cuddled and watched some shows. It was a perfect Valentines Day!

 photo photo-56_zps589c3214.jpg

Then when Daddy came home we of course had to go to B&D Burgers which is where we have gone on every Valentines Day since we met! It truly was a perfect day!! 

It's crazy to think that next Valentines Day we will have two kids!!! 

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! Go spread some love!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Today was our first day in California and if I'm being honest I seriously freaking miss this place. It's just so happy here... Well, minus that crazy ex cop who is going around killing other cops holy moly it's just scary...

But other then that.. I just love it here and I really don't want to go back to Utah.. I just want Curtis to pack up all our stuff and bring it out here.. Who cares if it'll be over twice as much to have a smaller place here??? It's so happy here!! The sun is out in February and I didn't even have to wear a jacket today.. Brooklynn played outside and had the BEST time! I can't wait for summer to have more days like this. The weather here is perfect. I am beyond lucky that I got to spend my whole childhood here.. Man, I really want to end up here!

Anyway, today after we went to I love bagels of course we headed over to my friend Nicole's house to have a little play date with her and her kiddos. It was so much fun. Nicole is one of my favorite people in this entire world. She is seriously the most positive person and so much fun to be around. Now I have a very large range of types of friends. I have lots of friend where we don't talk or hang out unless I call.. That can be so frustrating!! I mean, how come we only hang out when I ask? How about you call for once, am I right??

However, Nicole is not this kind of friend. She has always been there for me, she always calls to check in. She is always just as excited as me if not more about things that go on with me. She is a true genuine friend and it's sad that I only get to see her when I come to CA. I wish we could hang out more!!

So today was so fun to catch up with her and watch our kids play together! 
I love her and I love California! 
I love them both I tell you!!
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 photo photo-56_zpsdad1a0f5.jpg

Monday, February 4, 2013

one book a month

My girlfriend Kaitlin made a resolution to read one book a month for this entire year. I am going to copy her and do this as well. I read more book then that last year so I think I can handle this. I really love reading, I love diving into a book and not being able to stop until it's finished. It makes me so happy.

The book I read in January was Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. I had heard that it was really funny and since I had just found out I was pregnant I thought it would be an appropriate book. 

 photo belly-laughs_zps0c90a22f.jpg

It was exactly what I expected. It was light and funny. It was more fun to read since I have already gone through an entire pregnancy before reading it so it was easier to relate than if I hadn't gone through it. Although, if you get offended easy I wouldn't suggest reading this book. She really gets down to the nitty gritty of details of what goes on. 

I loved at the end of the book she did a little section that was her advice to all the husbands out there with pregnant wives. I'll list a few of them here..

- Do not stare or gawk at another women or comment on the way she looks. I know my body is ballooning before your eyes, but if I catch you looking at anyone but me, you'll kill my self esteem. And I might have to kill you. 

- Do not try to win an argument. It's completely useless. In fact, surrender now and our lives will be so much easier. I know I'm not making a lot of sense right now, but try to remember that my body has been completely taken over and my mind is not my own. Take heart, I'll be back a few months after delivery.

- Do not deny me my cravings. Your logic will not convince me that I don't need ice cream or brownies or noodles now. Even if I claim to want a tin of sardines at three in the morning, you are well advised to get your cute butt to the store and get me some.

-Do not disregard my urgency to pee if you are the one driving the car. It's much easier to take five minutes and pull over at the gas station than to try to clean your nice leather seats.

- Do not do anything that might awaken the psycho chick inside of me. That is, unless you have a compliment that I couldn't possibly misinterpret.

-Don't ignore me when I am blue. This may be more often than you think humanly possible, but remember that this is when I need a hug the most. Yours is the shoulder I most want to lean on.

My favorite is that last one. It is so true that us pregnant women can be very irrational. And we realize this, but there is literally nothing we can do about it. And sometimes we just really need a hug and for someone to tell us they understand.

But anyway, I enjoyed the book.. now I need to figure out what I want to read this month....

Friday, February 1, 2013


You know, I haven't been blogging all that much lately.
It's not that nothing is going on because I mean, I have an awesome crazy cool toddler so there is never a dull moment.
I think I just didn't feel like I had anything to say I guess. I don't know...
But I've been thinking lately about how much I used to LOVE this place of mine here on the internet and how it used to bother me if I went more than 2 days without blogging. 
Not because I felt pressured but just because I really liked it.
Now that we have this new little baby on the way it seems only fair to document this little life the way I documented Brooklynns. 
I know I've said I'm back to blogging more regularly many times..
But I really mean it this time.
This is going to be an amazing year. I don't want to forget all the amazing things that happen.
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