Thursday, February 21, 2013

pregnancy the second time around.

Let me first start off by saying.. I am so happy I am pregnant. We had been trying for a couple months and I am just so happy. I wanted Brooklynn and this baby to be 2 1/2 to 3 years apart, but I didn't want them to be any more or and less then that. We made it under the 3 year mark but about a month and a half. So I am very thankful for that. 

But man, this pregnancy at 12 weeks has already been so different than my last. With Brooklynn my first trimester went a little like this... I woke up, I was tired but not terribly tired. Every day without fail between 11 and 2 out of no where I would have to literally run to the bathroom and throw up. But I was never nauseous. It was weird but I didn't mind it. After that I felt fine the rest of the day. 

Now this time, I have felt nauseous almost every single day, a weird type of nauseous that makes me feel like I'm sick because I'm starving! It's so frustrating because the only thing that makes it go away is eating. I never throw up. I have not thrown up once this entire time but I have been way more nauseous. It's extremely weird. I would rather throw up once a day if it meant I didn't have to feel nauseous. 

And the exhaustion, oh my goodness. I don't know if it is that I have a toddler running around that I get to take care of or what but holy cow, 95% of the time I'm thinking about the next time I get to be in bed.. it's pretty pathetic. And then I had a head ache for about 2 weeks that would not go away for the life of me. So frustrating. 

My cravings have also been out of control I tell you... Every day I want junk food, like pizza hut, and chipotle, and panda express. It's bad. Hopefully now that I'm almost out of that first trimester hopefully things will calm down a bit.

But all of that aside, I am so excited for so many things this pregnancy. In about 4 weeks we will find out what we are having! I cannot wait to find out!! I want to know so bad! I feel like once I know what we're having I can create a bond with this baby, not that I don't already have a bond with this baby because I totally do. From the second I found out I was pregnant I was already IN LOVE with this sweet little miracle!! And also about that same time I should start to feel the little baby kick! AH the baby kicks are the BEST!!! Seriously one of the coolest feelings in the entire world!!

So even though this pregnancy has been a lot harder on my body than last time I am so happy and I am so blessed to be apart of this amazing miracle of life!

So now I leave you with this cute girl (who is going to be the best big sister!) dancing. She was really feeling the music. Love her so much!!


Amber said...

I love reading your blog! I'm actually pregnant my second time and I'm thee exact same way! My first go around I went 10 weeks, then miscarried, but I would throw up once a day and be totally fine. This time, I'm constantly nauseous. 24 hours a day. Food helps me for the most part but it does seem like it's not enough to make me not nauseous. I'm too the point where I feel like eating is such a chore! Blah! Haha! I crave the most unhealthy food too! It's so crazy! I don't understand, but without fail, I'm napping by 3 cause I get that pooped! The joys of pregnancy, right?! :)

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

hahah oh my jenna! i have been craving panda like it's nobodies business! panda is the best! your 2nd pregnancy you just described is exactly what I'm feeling like with my first right now! never thrown up...just exhausted and nauseous, but no puking? have a good weekend, sista!