Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Last Night...

Tonight is our last night at home without baby Brooklynn.
Tomorrow I check into the hospital at 7:30pm to start the induction process. They don't start the actually process until tuesday morning but we'll be there all monday night. So like I said, tonight is our last night at home without our sweet baby girl. It's exciting. I cannot wait to have our baby here! 
I'm not going to lie.. I'm starting to get a little bit nervous about the whole process but it's going to be worth it! It's nice because I will have a lot of help to help me get the hang of it.
Tomorrow night my mom arrives so she will be here when the baby is born. My two sisters will be here thursday night and my dad will be here friday! My parents will be here until next tuesday! I am very thankful for everyone coming to help me out! I've never taken care of a newborn so this is going to be very new to me but I am very excited for the experience! 
I'm going to have a daughter! Once she is here my life is going to change forever! I am so excited to see what life brings! 
Curtis and I are pretty much going to have the best baby ever! 
Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tyler Hilton

For those of you who do not know who Tyler Hilton is he is a singer. He was on the TV show One Tree Hill. He also played Elvis Presley in the movie Walk the Line. Basically he is a singer. Tonight he is playing in Provo. I found this out because I follow him on Twitter. He tweeted saying he was playing in Provo tonight and the first 2 locals to RT (re-tweet) his tweet would get on the guest list. So, naturally I re-tweeted. A few minutes later I received two direct messages from him asking me if I was going to the show. I tweeted him and said yes. 
But, then I started thinking about how the venue was standing only which would absolutely kill my back and then the worry of going into labor while being an hour away from the hospital and not being able to drive my super pregnant self back. So I decided to not go. But I still felt pretty cool that Tyler Hilton messaged me directly. So I took a picture of it. Yeah I know I'm lame. Deal with it!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Enjoy this time"

Honestly, I am coming to hate this phrase. I know every one means well but how can I enjoy this time when I am SO CLOSE to having my sweet baby girl in my arms?! Not to mention I'm about to scream because my body hurts so badly. Being 5' and this freaking huge is a HORRIBLE combination! Seriously. I feel like I am complaining a lot but it's literally ALL I can think about. 
BUT today I tried to take everyones advice. I slept in (which actually was nice). Then Curtis and I went to the mall to do some shopping. He got some much needed pants and I got my sister in laws baby shower gift for her cute boy who is due in less than a month! Things seemed to be going well but then I got really hot and tired. Which basically made me lay in my bed and cry. It's insane how hormones can make you so emotional. 
I'm just so frustrated that she is not here yet it's getting hard for me to handle. Like I've said before, I happen to be a very impatient person. And I am TRYING SO HARD to be patient.
Basically, I apologize for complaining so much.
I really am trying to be patient.
My friend Kristen who just had a baby girl suggested that I get the book "Baby Wise". It tells you how to get you baby on a good schedule to help them sleep through the night better. This will hopefully take up some of my time by reading this extremely helpful book.
That's all for now.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's October 12th...

Which means today is my due date, but there is still no baby. I guess she'll come on her own time. OR I'll be induced on monday night at 7:30. I hope she comes before then on her own. It is much better to go into labor on your own then to be induced. But we gotta get this baby out sometime. So hopefully she comes in the next few days. 
I know she'll come when she's ready but man I'm really tired of waiting. But I HAVE to be patient. Well really I just need to keep busy. Yes, I need to keep busy. That is the goal, and then my sweet baby will be in my arms before I know it.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Nursery So Far...

So like I promised here are some photos of baby Brooklynn's nursery!
The walls are kind of plane at the moment but don't worry I'm not completely done decorating. This is just the room so far...
ENJOY and let me know what you think! :-)

 Drawer #1

 Drawer #2

 Drawer #3

So that is her room so far. We still need to put up the curtains and I need more stuff on the walls. But it's getting there! We just need baby B!

I don't really have a title for this blog post...

I've given up on all these different ways you can supposedly go into labor cause guess what?
I guess baby Brooklynn is just not ready to come out. I should have known she was going to be stubborn, I was pretty late so of course she's not coming early.
I just need to be patient.
Man, I hate being patient, I've never been any good at it. I could possibly be one of the most impatient people I know.
Last night we tried the last thing we could think of which was going to Trio to get this pizza that apparently put multiple women into labor. Our waitress said it happened all of the time. Yeah but not for me of course! BOO!
So like I said before... I have got to be patient.
The latest we'll have her will be next monday because that's when my doctor will induce me.
Ugh, I can't wait that long. She really needs to come already!
I'm not crazy I just love her so much already that I want to have her to hold! To see her and to take care of her! I want to start being a mommy!
SOOOON! Patience! AH!!

So, anyway, when I came back to Utah after spending all summer in California, I brought back one of our old guitars since Curtis wanted to learn how to play it better. So he tuned the guitar and is now teaching himself how to play a song. He's so talented. And hot. ;-)

Yesterday we got our crib and baby bedding. It's SO cute! I absolutely love it! After I finish this blog post I am going to work on the nursery a little more and take some pictures and I'll post them later tonight! 

I realize that in the past few months I have been terrible at taking pictures. I apologize. I blame that on being so uncomfortable. My body hurts all of the time and so it's just too much effort to get out my camera. But all I have to say is that I wish I had taken it out the other day when we were at Skybox watching the Texas Rangers win and Curtis kept standing up and dancing. It was hilarious as you can imagine.

Last night Curtis and I decided that we really like our apartment. It's so nice that we can park right in front of our door and walk right in. Everything is also so open that it feels really safe. Also the fact that no one is above or below is REALLY nice. And it's two stories so it feels like a little house. We pretty much love it. The only thing that's missing is baby Brookie.

Well, that's pretty much all for now. I am going to work on the nursery and take some pictures for everyone to see! BYEE

Oh side note venting sesh real quick: I highly dislike it when people lie to me. It makes me sad. Why not just tell the truth? I really don't get it. That's all.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Castor Oil = Fail!

Took the castor oil.. and it did what it was supposed to... but,
So that was a failed attempt. 
I guess I will have to be patient, which I am NOT good at!
Today I went on a walk/jog. I jogged more than I have since before I was pregnant!
People were seriously slowing down in their cars to look at me like I was crazy!
But right now I am going a little bit crazy!
I'm huge, I'm tired, my body hurts, and I'm cranky!
I just need this baby to be in my arms!
That's all.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Castor Oil

About an hour and a half ago I drank 2 oz of Castor Oil. That is a laxative that is supposedly known to trigger labor.. It says it's supposed to take 2-6 hours to work. So I haven't even hit 2 hours yet and I'm VERY anxious! I mixed it with orange juice and it was absolutely disgusting!!!! I don't even care about what it's going to do to me before... if it works it'll be totally worth it! But so far:  nothing! So, now I've been dancing around the apartment, running in place, walking quickly around and up and down my stairs trying to keep active! I REALLY REALLY want this baby to come out already! So hopefully if I'm lucky we'll have a baby tonight!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Tonight Curtis had a huge paper to write so I decided to bake some home made chocolate chip cookies! Yes, home made, from scratch! And if you know me you know that's not something I do on a regular basis. Actually, I think this might have been the first time I EVER made home made chocolate chip cookies. I think I'm seriously preparing to be a mom! Weird! 
Here's a photo of the final product! And YES, Curtis liked them! :)

Oh and don't forget people: Tomorrow I start doing everything I can do go into labor! 
So wish us luck and i'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

39 weeks

Today I am 39 weeks pregnant. I can't believe it! Only ONE more week until my due date. I REALLY don't want to make it to my due date! I just need her to stay in here until Thursday after Curtis gets out of class then it's go time! I am going to try everything to go into labor! Everything except for maybe castor oil. If you don't know what that does it pretty much works as an extremely strong laxative. It empties your bowels and then supposedly triggers your uterus to empty putting you into labor. Seems like a very uncomfortable way to go into labor. As if labor isn't going to be uncomfortable enough... But I've gotten some good ideas from some friends. Such as:
-jumping jacks
-raspberry tea
-going on a bumpy car ride
-spicy foods
-bouncing on a ball
-sugar free candy
So far I have only tried walking. I went to a park that has a long walking trail that goes up and down a lot that is over a mile long. Let me just say is was a lot harder then I thought and I was really sore. My back, knees, and feet were KILLING me!! But I am determined to do what it'll take to go into labor! I was going to pick it up to a job but like I said before I'd like to wait until thursday to go hard core so Curtis can finish out this week of school. He has next week off so it will be the PERFECT time to have the baby. So starting thursday night I am going to try EVERYTHING! I am scheduled to be induced on October 18th. But that is only if she doesn't come on her own! She better come on her own! I can't wait until the 18th! That is way too far away!! So for now I am trying some small things but come thursday it's go time! 

Update from doctor appointment today: 70% effaced but only dilated 1/2 centimeter. 
Here's a belly shot! I know, it's huge!
Send positive vibes my way!! Let's have this baby this weekend! Yeah!! We all want baby Brooklynn to get here already!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's October!

It is finally October! 
You know what that means? 
It's baby month!!!
I love the fact that I will not enter another month without my sweet baby girl, Brooklynn!
We are hoping that she'll come at the end of this week since after thursday Curtis has a week and a half off of school! 
Perfect timing right? 
So if she hasn't come by then i'll be going on intense walks and doing whatever I can to get this little one out!
I can't believe that the LONGEST I have to wait it 2 weeks and 2 days! That is so close! 
I can't wait to meet her!
So pray that baby Brooklynn comes this week! PLEASE!
K thanks byeee!!
Here is an old ultrasound photo, but I still love looking at it!