Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tyler Hilton

For those of you who do not know who Tyler Hilton is he is a singer. He was on the TV show One Tree Hill. He also played Elvis Presley in the movie Walk the Line. Basically he is a singer. Tonight he is playing in Provo. I found this out because I follow him on Twitter. He tweeted saying he was playing in Provo tonight and the first 2 locals to RT (re-tweet) his tweet would get on the guest list. So, naturally I re-tweeted. A few minutes later I received two direct messages from him asking me if I was going to the show. I tweeted him and said yes. 
But, then I started thinking about how the venue was standing only which would absolutely kill my back and then the worry of going into labor while being an hour away from the hospital and not being able to drive my super pregnant self back. So I decided to not go. But I still felt pretty cool that Tyler Hilton messaged me directly. So I took a picture of it. Yeah I know I'm lame. Deal with it!

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