Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve already!
Christmas time is my favorite time and I can't believe it's almost over!
This morning started off with MiMi giving Brookie a nice bath! She LOVES the bath. And I love a clean baby. I mean, who doesn't love a clean baby??
After that we went bowling with the family, which let me tell you.. I got the LOWEST score even with my 2 year old nephew bowling.
YES, I actually was trying. Sad, I know.
Then, Curtis, Brooklynn, and I took a drive down PCH and got lunch since the sun FINALLY came out!
Then back home for some last minute wrapping and a quick nap.
It was then time for the bell ringing to begin Christmas followed by a story from MiMi.
After that we had an amazing dinner!
Every year on Christmas Eve we play a game my Dad made when he was a kid called Merry X Mas which is rolling dice and turning over a number on a little card that spells out Merry X Mas. It goes from 2-12 with no 7 or 11. The first person to get them all over yells MERRY CHRISTMAS! and gets to pick a prize. We keep playing until the very last person picks a prize.
It is such a fun game!
After Brooklynn put out cookies and milk for Santa and a Carrot for Rudolph. 
Well, I did while holding her because she was PASSED OUT! haha.
After putting Baby B down we watched Miracle on 34th Street until bed.
Now we are up in bed while MiMi and PaPa get the house all ready for tomorrow!
I still can't believe that tomorrow is Christmas! It has come too fast!
I am so thankful for my little family. It's my first Christmas married and with a baby and I love them both so much! 
Family is so important and I would be lost without them!
Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!
Ho! Ho! Ho!


Thursday, Curtis, Brooklynn, MiMi, Collin, Gavin, Carson, and I went to Disneyland!
It was insanely crowded.
We were only able to go on 4 rides but it was still a good time.
It was Curtis and Brooklynn's first time at Disneyland!
Brooklynn was a little too small to enjoy it but she LOVED It's a small world!
All of those lights were just memorizing to her!
We of course had to go on the tea cups. Always a good time.
We had an explosive diaper and while I was in the bathroom changing her there were 5 people in line behind me waiting to change their baby's diaper. 
That was stressful.
Note to Disneyland: How about you put more that ONE changing station in the bathrooms! You have a LOT of guests with children. Not smart!
I look forward to taking Curtis bad to Disneyland when it's not insanely crowded.
Disneyland can be fun for adults too!
I sure love it!
I also can't wait until Brooklynn is old enough to REALLY enjoy it!

MiMi's 50th Birthday Dinner

MiMi turned 50!
Can you believe it? I don't. She looks way too good to be 50 with 5 grandchildren!
Well actually she doesn't turn 50 until December 31st but since we will be gone by then she wanted to have her birthday dinner with everyone.
She decided she wanted to have it at Cheesecake Factory so we all headed down there for a very delicious dinner!
It was crazy as usual with all the grandchildren but it was a blast!
MiMi is an amazing grandma and Brooklynn loves her SO much!!
We love her too!
MiMi you are amazing!


Let me tell you all something.
Even though Brooklynn has only been alive for 2 months apparently she has been a very good girl because she didn't have to go to the mall to see Santa.
Santa came to her!
All the way from the North Pole to my parents house so she could tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas.
What a lucky girl.

Rodeo Dr

Curtis, Brooklynn, and I have been in California all week for Christmas break. 
Let me just say that it barely ever rains here.
Like, never.
BUT, of course, from the moment we got here until Thursday it was down pouring like no other.
NOT cool.
So all of the fun things we had planned to do went OUT the window.
Wednesday we couldn't take it anymore so we decided to brave the traffic and head out to L.A. to do anything. We ended up walking down Rodeo Dr. It was still a little bit rainy but it was worth it. 
Well, maybe not since our little L.A. adventure ended at 5pm leaving us to drive home in really bad traffic.
Nonetheless, we had a good time.
Especially because Brooklynn wore her cute Juicy sweat suit that Heather gave her. We went into the Juicy store and everyone pretty much died over how dang cute she is! I don't blame them. We have the cutest girl ever!

So this picture below is one example of something that I highly dislike.
And that is people who let their kids touch my baby.
I'm sorry, I don't know what your kid has touched but I don't want it on my baby thank you very much.
I'm usually able to pull her away fast enough but some people are fast!
Curtis was able to capture the moment.
Brooklynn's face says it all.
"Don't touch me woman!"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Temple Square

Last night Curtis, Brooklynn, and I met up with some friends to see the lights at Temple Square. There was Lauren and David and their baby Brooklyn, and Nate and Kelley, with their baby Gavin. It was fun to hang out with our other friends who also have babies. It makes us feel like adults. haha. Well, despite the fact that it was freezing cold and extremely crowded, it was beautiful! I love Christmas so much and seeing the lights makes me really happy inside. I know that's lame but it does. So I was more than excited to go with my little family. Brooklynn LOVES looking at lights so I was sure she was going to love it. However, the little one was so tired and we could not keep her awake to look at the lights.. next year. ha. It was fun to spend time with good friends. Enjoy the photos.