Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sweats and losing weight.

After Brooklynn was born I lost 40 pounds in 2 weeks! It was awesome! I can't believe how much water I retained. I felt so great losing that much wight that fast. I thought I was lookin' goooood.
Now my weight loss has slowed significantly and I still have 20 pounds to lose! That's okay though because I am having a good time working out. 
I go to zumba twice a week and take a hip hop class once a week, and then on the days I don't do that the elliptical is my best friend.
I really do enjoy it.
But the problem is that right now I am in the awkward stage where my maternity clothes are way too big on me and my regular clothes are still a little tight fitting.
So I end up wearing sweats every day and I am so sick of it.
At least it motivates me to work out when I'm feeling lazy.
That's all for now.


ash+kris said...

NO worries on the working out girl! This is advice is from my sister in-law that teaches work out classes 6 days a week. BUT she said it can take up to a year to lose all you baby weight! HANG IN THERE :)

Sarah said...

You look great for having just had your little girl! It's so hard to lose the weight...esp during the holidays!