Sunday, December 12, 2010

Temple Square

Last night Curtis, Brooklynn, and I met up with some friends to see the lights at Temple Square. There was Lauren and David and their baby Brooklyn, and Nate and Kelley, with their baby Gavin. It was fun to hang out with our other friends who also have babies. It makes us feel like adults. haha. Well, despite the fact that it was freezing cold and extremely crowded, it was beautiful! I love Christmas so much and seeing the lights makes me really happy inside. I know that's lame but it does. So I was more than excited to go with my little family. Brooklynn LOVES looking at lights so I was sure she was going to love it. However, the little one was so tired and we could not keep her awake to look at the lights.. next year. ha. It was fun to spend time with good friends. Enjoy the photos.


Anonymous said...

Jenna, Gorgeous shots!!!! We are REALLY looking forward to seeing Temple Square all lit up......but mainly looking forward to seeing Brooklynn!! See you soon!

Kimmy and Ben said...

Cute pictures Jenna! Miss you!