Friday, December 24, 2010

Rodeo Dr

Curtis, Brooklynn, and I have been in California all week for Christmas break. 
Let me just say that it barely ever rains here.
Like, never.
BUT, of course, from the moment we got here until Thursday it was down pouring like no other.
NOT cool.
So all of the fun things we had planned to do went OUT the window.
Wednesday we couldn't take it anymore so we decided to brave the traffic and head out to L.A. to do anything. We ended up walking down Rodeo Dr. It was still a little bit rainy but it was worth it. 
Well, maybe not since our little L.A. adventure ended at 5pm leaving us to drive home in really bad traffic.
Nonetheless, we had a good time.
Especially because Brooklynn wore her cute Juicy sweat suit that Heather gave her. We went into the Juicy store and everyone pretty much died over how dang cute she is! I don't blame them. We have the cutest girl ever!

So this picture below is one example of something that I highly dislike.
And that is people who let their kids touch my baby.
I'm sorry, I don't know what your kid has touched but I don't want it on my baby thank you very much.
I'm usually able to pull her away fast enough but some people are fast!
Curtis was able to capture the moment.
Brooklynn's face says it all.
"Don't touch me woman!"

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