Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Enjoy this time"

Honestly, I am coming to hate this phrase. I know every one means well but how can I enjoy this time when I am SO CLOSE to having my sweet baby girl in my arms?! Not to mention I'm about to scream because my body hurts so badly. Being 5' and this freaking huge is a HORRIBLE combination! Seriously. I feel like I am complaining a lot but it's literally ALL I can think about. 
BUT today I tried to take everyones advice. I slept in (which actually was nice). Then Curtis and I went to the mall to do some shopping. He got some much needed pants and I got my sister in laws baby shower gift for her cute boy who is due in less than a month! Things seemed to be going well but then I got really hot and tired. Which basically made me lay in my bed and cry. It's insane how hormones can make you so emotional. 
I'm just so frustrated that she is not here yet it's getting hard for me to handle. Like I've said before, I happen to be a very impatient person. And I am TRYING SO HARD to be patient.
Basically, I apologize for complaining so much.
I really am trying to be patient.
My friend Kristen who just had a baby girl suggested that I get the book "Baby Wise". It tells you how to get you baby on a good schedule to help them sleep through the night better. This will hopefully take up some of my time by reading this extremely helpful book.
That's all for now.


House of Hawker said...

I LOVE BABYWISE! We used it with Reagan and she was on a perfect schedule by two months old! Eating great and sleeping all the way through the night in her own room. I hope you love it too.

Sarah said...

You prob won't even need the book, maybe you will just have a really good baby girl. Good luck hun- I know you will be such a good mommy! :) Enjoy EVERY single moment, even the birth! Can't wait to see pics!