Friday, April 23, 2010

dinner and bowling

tonight curtis and i went over to our friends jim and haileys house where jake made us all dinner. lol. jake made tacos which were delicious! curtis also made his famous cheese dip! we were all satisfied at the end of the meal. after we ate we decided to go bowling which turned out to be a ton of fun! the first round the boys all did really well while hailey and i both hit 50. but round 2 was different! i bowled a 139 which not only won that game but was the highest score of the night! i must say i was very proud of myself since i don't think i've ever broke 100 bowling. so i feel accomplished! now, time for bed! night!


Courtney H said...

So what is the famous dip? The Rotel and velveeta family recipe? Or is Curtis hiding some culinary secret from me?

Curtis Duty said...

What is the famous dip? Courtney?....shooot.