Monday, April 26, 2010


on saturday after curtis and i did some more cleaning around the house we went to the zoo!! it was so much fun! i love animals! first when we saw the elephants there way a baby one! it happened to be the funniest elephant we had ever seen! this little guy was running around chasing a ball, running into the wall, laying down throwing little fits, running like it was going to run into people and everything else a funny elephant could do. we saw a lot of cute monkeys which are my favorite animals! another highlight of the zoo was this awesome giraffe. this was the closest i have ever gotten to a giraffe! also look how long their tongues are! holy cow so gross! but kind of cool at the same time! :) there were a ton of other beautiful animals but those were definitely the highlights. i'm excited to spend my summer in california so i can go to all of the zoos there! overall our time at the zoo was so fun! i only have 3 days left with curtis before our summer apart begins. gotta make the best of it!

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