Saturday, April 16, 2011

So Tired Right Now

Notice how the post right below talks about how Brooklynn woke up an hour later than normal yesterday and how great it was? Yeah, well, not so lucky today.
Brooklynn woke up at 4am this morning!!! I could NOT believe it! I guess she wasn't feel well. So I go her up and changed her and fed her and gave her some Tylenol. We played for about an hour where I was STRUGGLING to stay awake then put her down. She luckily fell asleep.
I was sure she was going to sleep in because she had been fed and changed at 4am.

NO such luck... she was up at 6:45! AHHH. I had a VERY hard time getting out of bed. We may have gone to Mc Donalds already to get a large diet coke to keep me awake...

It's now 9am and time to put this baby girl down for a nap.. which means I'M going to take a nap!
It's a good thing she is so dang cute! Makes it all worth it!

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