Saturday, April 2, 2011

Girls Day

Since we are leaving for St. Louis early early tuesday morning I decided to have a lunch with all my close girlfriends out here. We have all been through so much together and I am REALLY going to miss them! It's crazy to think that all of these girls met each other through me. Makes me feel special. haha. Well, back in the day we would go dancing and go to dinner and go to parties and just be crazy. But now, I'm married with a baby, Shay has a baby, Rachel is married and pregnant we all don't go out as much. But, we all still find time to get together for lunch or get baby sitters and go see a movie. I love them each for different reasons and I know we'll all be friends for a very long time if not forever! Today was so much fun! We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen (which is my favorite these days). Then after Ashley and Marissa had to go but Rachel, Shayla, and I walked around the mall for a couple of hours even though it was seriously 100 degrees in that mall! We still had a great time talking about old times and talked about how excited we are for the future. Rachel is getting ready to be a mommy and I am so excited for her. Shayla has a 1 year old Tayden who is so cute and just loves Brooklynn. 

The mall is always so entertaining. We heard a lady yell and her daughter using the F word and all for about 2 minutes. I hate when I hear that kind of stuff. Really makes me want to say something. Also, while looking at bathing suits in Macy's this high school boy came running up to Rachel getting about 3 inches away from kissing her right on the lips. Yes, married and pregnant Rachel. It was pretty weird, I'm not gonna lie. We were all pretty much in shock. And then he just ran away! It was SO weird! That little boy is VERY lucky Ray's husband wasn't around the corner or he would have been in trouuble! haha

Anyway, it was such a good day and it makes me so sad to leave these girls, but I know they will be here when I get back! It's only 5 months!! Hopefully, I can find some friends out in St. Louis.


aunter22 said...

I LOVE this picturee!!!!!! I love all of you girls!! Lil J, I'm gonna miss you!!! ): You better get your butt back to UT fast!!! Love you!!!

Cameron & Rachel Mero said...

Soo cute!!! Such a good pic of all of us <3 couple more months and we'll be re-united! Miss you Jenna :(