Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, I BAKED!

Today I was in the mood to bake.. which has actually been happening more and more often these days which is very unlike me. But I've just been making easy things like cupcakes from a box or cookies where the dough is pre-made. But today I was feeling crazy.. I wanted to make something from scratch.. speaking of making something from scratch.. how cute is this girl?!?!

 okay sorry, back to the baking... so yeah Curtis really likes snickerdoodles so I MADE THEM FROM SCRATCH! Whoop whoop! Go me! AND he actually liked them! So, I must say I am pretty proud of myself. 


The Cisneros Family! said...

Holy moly those look so good! Good job Jenanae!

Stephanie said...

Nice work on those cookies! They look scrumptious! I have to know what Brooklyn is sitting on in that picture.. The green and white, is it a blanket? It's so cute! I watched her video below, she's gonna be crawling soon.. Looks like she likes tummy time, that's a good thing!