Friday, April 22, 2011

Kaitlin Rose Graff is a College Graduate!!

I thought I would just take a moment and mention that Kaitlin has graduated college! I am so proud of her! Being friends since we were 7 this is huge. I still remember the first time we hung out and she was making these pet rocks we made have funny voices and I thought she was so funny. I wished I was as funny as she was. I knew then that we were meant for each other! Ha! We have had friends come in and out of our lives but she has always been there. We can go MONTHS without seeing each other and the second we get together it's like no time has passed. It's crazy that we've been friends for so long... We've been through SO much together. 
I remember the first time that we decided we were going to be "best friends". We were sitting on my bed before a stake dance and I'm pretty sure I just said "Hey, want to be best friends?" and she said, "YES! i do!!" Sounds kind of like a wedding proposal but you know what? It kind of was. A wedding of amazing friendship! This girl has got me through so much and I do not know what I would do with out her!
I love the memory of her and I sitting at the airport waiting to fly to Utah to start our first year of college. Siting there with our brand new laptops ready to take on the world! I think we were in our dorm room for about an hour when we started to cry about how we had no friends and our curtains were ugly! We're a little dramatic. haha. We DID end up making friends. Not really with the girl that gave us a really dirty look after I jumped and fell in the elevator. HA. We were crazy. staying up all night and sleeping all day pretty much described our first 2 years of college. SO much fun. 
We are both in very different places of our lives but I still always know that I can count on her! 
I am so proud that she has graduated from BYU even though I am a Ute fan (I mean come on my daughter was born there!) I guess the one cool thing about BYU is that Kaitlin went there. So it can't be that bad right?? 
Anywho, I love this girl so much!

I was going to post a bunch of pictures of us but then I remembered that Kaitlin made this totally super awesome slide show of photos of us!! So I'm going to repost that now so you better watch the whole thing! (Curtis even makes a small appearance! )
also, it takes a minute for it to get started so keep watching.


Kaitlin Graff said...

Awww thank you jay!!! This made my whole night :) I LOVE YOU!!!

Heather said...

Yes, I did just watch the whole video - very cute. Yay for best friends!