Monday, September 5, 2011

happy labor day.

We spent our day playing and doing fun things at the mall.
Brooklynn went on her first carousel ride! It was so cute!
Now time for some much needed naps for all!
Have a great Labor Day everyone!

Tomorrow I have a great giveaway for you!! :)


Holly said...

Looks like a really fun day! You look awesome, btw :)

claire said...

So cute! I love her little baby toms! :)

Alaythea said...

LOVE Tiny Toms! Gianna has that same pair and we love them, they are so dang cute!

Cerrisse said...

Looks like fun!

roha said...

aaawww these photos are SOOO cute!! :)
you seem to be such a happy, lovely family. love your blog.
thanks for your comment on my blog. how about following each other? i definitely do now! :)

have a great day,
xx romi

Christi Lynn said...

i dont think your little family could get any cuter!