Wednesday, May 8, 2013

spring has sprung... kinda

It seems like spring/summer is finally starting to make it's way around which I cannot be more thankful for. I'm so sick of the season of sickness and cold. ha

I am ready to get outside and so is Brooklynn. 

She just got a new bike and she is LOVING it! I knew she would like it she's been asking for one for a while but I had no idea what to expect. It took her a minute to get the hang of it but now she full on knows what she is doing and it makes her look like such a big kid. I sort of can't handle it. 

In other news... I'm 23 weeks today... more than half way done. I can't decide if this pregnancy is going fast or slow.. sometimes I feel like she will be here before I know it and I get all freaked out because I'm not ready.. But then other days I feel like it's going so slow and I just want her to be here!! 

We have made a big decision to leave the Salt Lake area and move to Eagle Mountain/Lehi area.. This was hard for me because I LOVE Salt Lake so much and I really didn't want to make that move to the other side of the mountain. But it's what feels right for our family right now. We will be living in a 3 bedroom place which will be nice to have a space for the new baby. And not to mention we will be living about 3 miles from Curtis' parents which will be so nice! I love spending time with them and it will be nice to drive 3 minutes and be there rather than 30. Happy times! 

So that's what I will be doing for the next couple weeks.. packing up once again.. I think this might be our 10th time moving since we got married... now that is just insane!! You think id be really good at it by now, but I think I just hate it more and more every time! Especially being 5 months pregnant.. not great timing but I have a really good feeling about where we are moving next and hopefully we'll be there for a while.. 
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Heather said...

I seriously can't get over how big she is - crazy! Please let us come help you move! When is moving day?