Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finally.... the birth story...

I checked in to University of Utah Hospital on Tuesday, October 19th at 7:30am to be induced since I was a week overdue.
I was hoping to have a quick delivery...
I wasn't so lucky.
I was in labor for 2 days with the doctors doing everything they could to help me dilate and NOTHING was working. They tried a lot of different things that let's just say hurt REALLY bad. I was stuck at 5 centimeters for 10 hours before my doctor came in and said that it just wasn't going to happen.
On top of that in those two days I was in labor my epidural was not working. They kept upping my dosage and even gave me pain killers on top of it but I could still feel my contractions.. I couldn't feel my legs but I could definitely feel my contractions. It was awful!
So about 7ish pm on Wednesday night I started being prepped for a c section. I was really scared since my epidural wasn't working, that I was going to be able to feel it.
But once I was in there any they gave me a much higher dosage in my epidural all I could feel was tugging. 
At 8:01pm Brooklynn Eileen Duty was born.
She was 8lbs 3oz and 20 1/2 inches long.
And just perfect!

Coming off of the epidural was rough. Really rough.
I got back to the room and was shaking uncontrollably. Literally. 
I couldn't even hold Brooklynn because I felt so terrible.
The next day they tested my blood and realized that I lost a critical amount of blood and I had a temperature of 103. I was put on 3 different types of antibiotics and had to get a blood transfusion of 2 units. And to make matter worse they had to poke me like 4 different times because I was so swollen no one could find a vain. 
Then kept monitoring me. 
My blood level still wasn't going up and my temperature was not going down.
So I was back on antibiotics and had another blood transfusion.
My blood level FINALLY went up but I still had a temperature so they were still not letting me go home. I wanted to go home SO bad. I was getting so depressed being stuck in that hospital! But every night one time I would have a high temperature and they would keep me another day to run tests only to find out that they were fine. 
Finally, after being in the hospital for an entire week I was able to go home!

I am so thankful for my family who came out to keep me company and sane while stuck in the hospital! Brookie misses you guys!!


Sarah said...

Jenna! I cannot believe it! That sounds awful. You have a beautiful baby girl and we are so happy for you! Can't wait to see her at Scrooge?? xo

curtisduty said...

Dear wife,

Your blogging has dropped off since the Brookmeister came to town...what gives?