Tuesday, October 22, 2013


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you are now 3 years old, and i cannot believe it
where on earth has the time gone?
we had such a great birthday weekend with you
your mimi and papa came into town which was such a treat
we went to breakfast at kneaders and you had a yummy cinnamon roll
after that we went to jump on it with mimi, papa, me, daddy, grandma, jackson, reagan, courtney, brittany, and scott
we jumped for hours and had such a blast
then we had lunch at johny rockets and you had mini hot dogs and a chocolate malt
then we went home to prepare for your family party
you opened your presents and we had a princess cake
it was a great day
i love you so much
you bring such light into our lives
you love to play dress up and play doh
you are very into coloring which i absolutely love
you have such a fun personality
right now you are really into growling which is just hilarious
you love your little sister and she loves you
these have been the best 3 years of my life
thank you for being you
i love you so much

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