Sunday, October 27, 2013


on october 20th at our church my quinn ruth was blessed.
it was a very beautiful and special day
thanks so much to everyone who made it out!
 photo IMG_7142_zps2cb86980.jpg
^^this slip my great grandma ruth made for me when i was blessed^^
 photo IMG_7146_zps8403ab71.jpg
^^ah these little botties are to die for! my dad picked them out in italy on my parents trip there last month!!^^
 photo IMG_7147_zpsb4041867.jpg
^^love this little ruffle bum^^
 photo IMG_7151_zpsc792016c.jpg
^^the dress that brooklynn, quinn, and i were all blessed in. so special!^^
 photo IMG_7161_zps3df51f2e.jpg
 photo IMG_7152_zps82a817ea.jpg
^^all the men that stood in for the blessing^^
 photo IMG_7179_zps579ee666.jpg
^^love my little family of four!^^

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Ashley said...

So what exactly happens during a blessing?