Thursday, December 26, 2013

christmas 2013

this christmas was probably the most mellow christmas i've ever had and it was great. christmas eve was spent at my in laws house where we had a mary and joseph dinner where we eat only what marry and joseph may have had to eat such a bread, and cheese and fish and so on. then i of course had to make a last minute trip to target. christmas eve at our own home was fun. we have never spend christmas eve and christmas morning on our own before and it was pretty fun to do it with just us. brooklynn and quinn opened up their first present which had their christmas PJ's. we put cookies out for santa and carrots out for the reindeer. we only had a few carrots left since brooklynn loves carrots and ate almost all of them. silly girl. 

both girls slept in our room that night since i didn't want brooklynn getting up and seeing everything before we got up and quinn is just so sick with this nasty cold that i wanted to have her close.

chirstmas morning was hilarious. you have got to watch the video of brooklynn coming out and seeing everything. apparently she wanted a magic scooter and not a regular scooter. hahaha. she of course later was super excited and has been non stop riding her scooter but her first reaction was pretty hilarious and will be very fun to have for years to come.

after we opened presents we went back to my in laws for a yummy breakfast. more gift opening and a yummy chirtsmas lunch. we also played games and watched despicable me 2.  it was a pretty amazing day and we had a blast. so sad that christmas is over! i am already counting down the days until next year! christmas is so much more fun with your own kids! and it just gets more and more fun as the kids get older!

i hope you all had a very merry christmas! 
until next year!
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^^so many pieces!^^
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^^taken with my new iPhone lens that curtis got me!^^

you have got to watch this video of B coming out and seeing everything. 
such a funny kid!!

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