Monday, February 10, 2014

gone girl / / book 2 of 12

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okay so this book.. 
i read it because it was on a list 12 books you must read before they turn into movies this year. i love reading books and then seeing the movie.
i can't do it the other way around.. if i see a movie and i find out there was a book, it's too late i won't read it.
this book was on that list and my friend kaitlin was in the middle of reading it and she said it was so good. so i started reading it and i quickly agreed. it was so good! i was reading it so fast because it's a thriller and i just had to know what happened! 

i don't want to give anything away in case you want to read the book or if you are planning to see the movie but honestly.. don't read this book.. unless you want to stop before the last few chapters and make up your own ending.. because the ending of this book straight up sucked. i hated every single thing about how this book ended. like for real. worst. ending. of. a. book. ever. ugh i was so mad.

normally when you go see a movie of a book you read you want them to stay as close to the book as possible. but in this case i pray they change the ending...

please change the ending!!!

on a different note i'm on a great start to completing my new years resolution of reading 12 books. i'm actually half way through the 3rd already! go me!

also, i know i am supposed to weigh in at the end of january but with our move i'm not sure where our scale is and it's gonna be bad.. i did bad in january.. hopefully this month is better. i'll weigh in as soon as i find my scale!

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