Friday, February 28, 2014

rainy day

i absolutely love rainy days. they are my favorite. something about hearing the rain just gets me. it's so peaceful. like the earth is being cleaned. i love it. especially here in bakersfield where the air quality is not all the great. it's nice to have the rain clear some of that out for a bit. 

today was brooklynns first real experience playing in the rain. it was so fun. she came running over to me and said, "mom! i need my boots, my hoodie, and my scarf on so i can go play in the rain!" so we did just that. except she didn't have a scarf so she ran into her room and got a pajama shirt and used it as a scarf. it was hilarious. she had so much fun! it eventually started raining so hard i had to make her come inside which she was not happy about but she still had a good time.
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also, little side note:
 i have to document this because it was just so beyond funny. let me just start off saying that brooklynn was the easiest to potty train. she just wanted to do it and it was done. no accidents or anything. and then when we did it at night there were no accidents either.. not until the other night. it was the first time she ever wet the bed. i was shocked. not a huge deal though, but when i realized she wet the bed it was the middle of the night and i said to her, "brooklynn you peed your pants" and she responded, "no mom, it's ice cream on my pants from when we went to the city." i was literally crying i was laughing so hard! i have no idea where she got that from but i was dying. she is so funny!!

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Whit said...

I love rainy days too! My husband doesn't get it - he hates the rain but there's just something magical about the moist air and low light.
Love your little girl's "ice ceam" response - it's funny what they come up with. Our friend's daughter gets out of bed complaining to be poopy every 20 minutes to avoid actually going to bed. Kids are hilarious.
New follower - Whit from Raspy Wit