Monday, March 3, 2014

park days

we have this really nice park right by our house that we have been going to almost on a daily basis. i've been trying to be more active and i want brooklynn to be active so it works out. it takes about 10-15 minutes to walk there so i walk pushing quinn in the stroller and brooklynn rides her scooter. she's getting really good at it. the weather has been really nice lately, cool but not too cold so we have been loving going to the park. it has been so nice living in california. i've got to enjoy these days before we endure a bakersfield summer. i hear it gets pretty dang hot. so for now we will be at the park. probably every day until it's too hot. brooklynn is just learning how to swing on the big kid swings. she will hop on and repeat out loud, "forward and back, forward and back" and she does it with her legs. it's pretty cute. quinn loves the baby swing. she could swing in that thing forever. i think quinn is quite enjoying being outside so much. she is 6 months old now. i can't even believe it. half way to a year. what in the world!? i love these kiddos of mine.
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Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh! That park and neighborhood looks so nice!i am so jealous of your weather! I am dying for spring and we just got another couple of inches of snow last night. :-(