Tuesday, March 25, 2014


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brooklynn started pre-school last week. this is so huge for her. i have been dreading having her go to preschool since she was about 15 months old and developed a major attachment to me. she cried hysterically every time i left her with anyone else. every. single. time. it stressed me out. what was i going to do when she had to start school? was she going to be that kid who is screaming as i leave her with her teacher? the thought killed me. stressed me out. 

but about a month ago she made a huge break through. at our church she started her sunbeam class where for 2 hours she is in a school type setting. i was so nervous for this but at least i would be just down the hall. the first sunday she was nervous but she came out a new girl. she absolutely loved it. so when we started pre-school to told her it was similar. she was pumped and so excited. she went with no fight at all. she asks every day if today she gets to go to pre-school. i am still in shock that she goes so willingly. 

i have spent so many nights praying that she would break out of her shell that she would be able to show the world the amazing, smart, funny girl i see in the walls of my home. she's a pretty amazing little girl and i am beyond proud of her!

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