Thursday, April 24, 2014

easter // and then some

i hope everyone had a beautiful easter sunday. i know i did. the girls and i went down to oc for the week of easter and curtis joined us saturday night and went back home sunday night. we had a great time there. it was filled with birthday parties, the lake, a mimi and papa build a bear party, lots of food, egg hunts, ribs, lots of family, and lots of friends. we had a blast and our trips always end too soon.

i have no idea how long we will be living in bakersfield but i am going to soak up living so close to my family while i can. it's awesome.
 photo IMG_9539_zpsc58cdb9b.jpg
 photo IMG_9572_zps3c2cbbcb.jpg
 photo IMG_9627_zps5e927cd7.jpg
 photo IMG_9632_zps62370809.jpg
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