Friday, March 21, 2014

juicing... day 5

today is day 5 of my juicing cleanse. so that means for the past 5 days i have had nothing but fresh juice that i make from my juicer and water. now let me tell you, it's been really really really hard and at the same time much easier than i thought it would be. i know that doesn't really make sense but let me explain...

it's easy in the sense that, it's black and white. every time i try and diet or eat healthy i always make exceptions for myself.. like oh i can eat just this one thing.. or just one bite of this or that (which always turns into 5-10 bites) i have no self control. so this is black and white. i can have juice and water. and nothing else. there is no room for cheating. so that is easy. also, i'm really not as hungry as i thought i would be. the night is the hardest i've been going to bed really early. ha. but i'm only hungry when i start thinking about all the food that i wish i was eating. then i feel hungry when in reality i'm not that hungry. so that makes it easy. i have been training me mind to not thinking about food all day. 

but that's the hard part.. not thinking about all the foods that i love so much! the second it comes to mind i start to feel like i crazy person because i want that food so much! ah. i want it so much! but this is good for me.. to hopefully break that habit of just wanting food all of the time. i do miss the act of eating. it is really weird not eating. i definitely miss that. but i just have to tell myself that it's not like i'm never going to eat again. i will eat normal food again. i just have to reboot my system. 

another thing, i know i originally had said i was going to do this for 30 days.. but i'm changing it. i'm only going to do it for 15. i may be wimping out call it what you will, but i just think that is what's best for me. i think i need to learn how to eat healthy and i think this will be the kick start that i need. so, 10 more days, i can do it. i hope i can do it. i will be proud of myself for doing this for 15 days because let me tell you it is HARD! 

but it will be worth it. even just to prove to myself that i can do hard things.

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