Saturday, June 14, 2014

// family bbq //

saturday is the best day of the week. curtis isn't working and we have the whole day together to do whatever we want as a family. it's the best. today we hit up the dollar theater to see rio 2 which i absolutely loved. the music in that movie is so fun and so good i just wanted to dance the whole time. brooklynn did great. quinn did pretty good too, she is just so wiggly. she does not want to sit on your lap now that she can get around all on her own. but overall i'd say she did pretty good.

after that we went home for a little afternoon nap and then headed over to my brother scott and his wife brittany's house for a little bbq. we played a little bean bag toss game and talked and had some amazing burgers (thanks scott!!) it was a great time! i am so happy to be back in utah. so happy i can hang with my little bro and britt again! we love them so much! it was a pretty awesome day!

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