Saturday, October 29, 2011

brooklynn's birthday party

Today at my parents house in California we had Brooklynn's birthday party. Let me tell you, we had SO much fun today! There was so much that went into making this day special and boy was it special. Get ready for A LOT of photos! But first I gotta tell you about some of the people who made it perfect.

The party theme was Elmo. I mean, who doesn't love Elmo?? :)
The invitations were so cute. I got them here.
Her outfit. OMG was the CUTEST! I got that here.
Now, the cake pops and cup cakes.. wait until you see how incredible they are.
They were made by my old friend Kodye who I used to dance with. She is incredible. These treats were not only absolutely adorable but they were SO YUMMY! If you live in the Orange County, CA area you have GOT to hire here! Check out here website here.
Like her on Facebook here.
And check out her personal blog here. She is the cutest! She's new to the blogging world so go show her some love and FOLLOW HER!

Now, back to the party. We got an Elmo bounce house, my dad cooked burgers, we had dino nuggets for the kids, and a lot of hanging out! It was so much fun to see the babies and kids play together. My nephews as you will see in the photos LOVE Brookie. Especially Carson, who you will see loves to hold and kiss her. It is so sweet. Well, I'll just let you look at the photos. Cause like I said.. there are a lot.. haha.

Oh baby Brooklynn, I can't believe you are one. I love your little sweetness more than you know!



Mackeys Moments said...

what a happy time!! Happy Birthday to baby B and you!! YAAAY!!
And waaaay cute with the Elmo decor!!

Katie said...

Cutest little Bday girl outfit ever! Happy Birthday Brooklyn and Happy Birthday to you Jenna!

Carmela said...

Happy birthday to you too! Looks like Brooklyn had a blast =)

Erin said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Kassie said...

I love that outfit! SO cute! =)

I laughed a lot at her eating the cupcake! So messy!

Latoya @ The Scott's Crib said...

She is so adorable and that cupcake must have been awfully good!

Kaitlin Graff said...

Jay you look gorgeous!!!! Looks like a blast. Wish I could have been there

Kelli Nicholson Herrington said...

This was a really cute birthday party, you did a wonderful job! Glad y'all had a blast!

Cerrisse said...

I love her little tutu and little bum! she is so dang cute.

guarderias en salamanca said...

Happy birthday, I love the pictures and the Elmo´s party is a good idea, at least here in Spain I have never listen before.

Happy birthday for both. ;)

Kodye Elyse said...

Jenna, you are the best! I'm so glad you guys liked the treats! Birthday girl looks like she loved the cupcakes! Haha...It was so good to see you...Brooklyn is ADORABLE!

Ashley said...

That party looks amazing! I love Brooklyn's outfit...too cute.