Tuesday, April 24, 2012

making the choice.

I'm starting to get frustrated with myself. Frustrated at the fact that I have no self control. And as I realized after watching "the biggest loser" is that, saying you have no self control is just an excuse. Everyone has self control you just have to make the choice to use it. 

Now when I say I have no self control I mean in regards to what I eat. I love food. Junk food. And every day I wake up with complete confidence that I am going to start eating healthy. Then somehow every day I end up doing worse. 

I am determined today to make the change for real. No excuses. If I want to get back to how I was before I had Brooklynn, or close at least I need to make the choice to have the self control.

I really need to just not be lazy and search healthy recipes and actually cook for myself rather than giving in to mac n cheese even though it's delish! 

I want to be healthy. I want to be healthy for my family. Especially my little girl and my future children. I want to be around for a long time and I want to be energetic with them too. I don't want to feel tired after running around for a few minutes. I want to be involved. 

So I need to get healthy. Like I've wanted to for the past year and a half.

I need to make the choice. 


Hawt-Momma said...

I could have wrote this post myself...Self control is seriously the hardest choice to make. Great post, I needed the reminder! Here's to making the choice to have control :-) Good luck!!!

ash+kris said...

The key is moderation. If you want some cake.. Go for it! Just a couple bites, not a whle piece! Good Luck girlie!

Megan said...

I'm terrible at self control as well! I also love junk food and love to snack. It helps me not to keep very much of it in the house. However, my husband doesn't understand this and keeps bringing it in.

Callie @ YouDontEvenKnow said...

Thank you for writing this post. Very helpful to me! (as well as others I'm sure)