Monday, May 7, 2012

GREAT grandparents.

Yesterday Curtis had to go to Dallas to pick up some equipment for his office so we decided to stop by and see his grandparents.
I of course was super excited about this because I had never met them and they had never met Brooklynn.
It was so amazing to finally meet them and they are seriously the nicest people! 
I am so happy to be apart of their family!!!
It was fun for B to meet her great grandparents! and they really are great!


I'm Simply Momma said...

She is way way way to cute! and aren't great grandparents the best!? My little man doesn't get to see his very often, but when they do they just love on him to pieces!

Chelsea Kay said...

She is so cute :) My family lives in WI and we're in WA so when we have kids they won't get to see them so often :( That's pretty cool that you get to do that!