Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 day challenge.

Alright friends. It's time to buckle down and get serious.
I've been saying I want to lose weight for almost 2 years now and I'm sick of it.
It's time to stop talking about it and get it done.

So today starts the 10 day challenge part 1.
I am doing this with my girlfriend Nicole.
The goal is to complete a set amount of miles, sit ups, and push ups in 10 days.

Our first 10 day challenge is this..

30 miles (3 miles a day)
500 push ups (50 push ups a day)
3,000 sit ups (300 sit ups a day)

That's how it breaks up if you do it evenly throughout the 10 days. But if you miss a day not all is lost! You can make it up the next day. 
Or if you are feeling extra motivated one day you can do more than the said amount for that day..

So that's our goal for the next 10 days..

Once the 10 days is up we will do it again but maybe up the numbers and add perhaps squats to the mix.

I do not do well with long term goals so this is definitely more my style. 

With each post I do I will update you with how much I've done.

I'm very excited about this! It is going to be awesome!

Wish us luck!!! It starts today!!


Makin Memories Of Us said...

That looks exciting! I might try it. I've been doing at home workouts lately and have been wanting to find something to help me stay motivated. Good luck! You can do it!!! :)

Ashley said...

Wow, girl, that makes me tired just reading it! I'm lucky to get in 20 minutes of walking a day. Good luck!

Liz Brown said...

Go go go! Smart of you to set a shorter challenge for yourself like that, at least to start. The big ones are so daunting.

You can do it!

mirelle said...

That's seriously impressive! Good luck girls <3

Shauny said...

Wow what a cool challenge! I hate long, dragged out goals so if its quick and to the point I stay motivated! You can so do it! Good luck! You'll do awesome!