Thursday, June 7, 2012

a little fun.

We are finally in ft worth and starting to feel settled. We went a while without internet or furniture which was pretty much no fun at all.
I've taken a ton of little random photos but I'll post those next.
A couple days ago my friend Tiffany and I decided to go check out a museum in downtown Ft. Worth. 
I must say it is the most uncomfortable I have ever felt. The people were SO rude to us! We had our kids with us but they were being so good. Brooklynn and Pierce were both sitting quietly in their strollers but still they were acting really rude towards us. So we only stayed for about 15 minutes then left to go get ice cream to cheer us up! haha.

Since the museum was such a bust we wanted to do something that would be fun. So we headed over to the ft worth water gardens. This place was pretty cool.  Random little pools and fountains. There was a huge water fall pond/fountain that you could walk into on these stepping stones. It was pretty cool but kind of scary at the same time! It turned out to be really fun minus the heat!

I'm liking in here so far!


jen said...

sorry about your bad experience! we lived in ft. worth for a little while-i've heard the children's museum is great there and the zoo is pretty fun too if you can handle the heat. also, central market on hulen is fun for summer evenings. you can grab dinner, listen to live music and there is a playground for kids. we live at the central market here in austin on the summer weekends!

Brittany Lew Whoo said...

oo that is so pretty! i hope your other experiences there are better than the one at the museum!