Friday, March 4, 2011

First Time At The Park

Today was actually a pretty nice day. We don't get a lot of those in this town so we thought we would take advantage. We took Brooklynn to the park even though she's still a little young. We went on a little walk, then went down the slide, and sat in the swing. She seemed to like it, I know when she's older she is going to love that place. I know I do. haha. Here are some photos that we captured of our little adventure today.

Isn't she so dang cute? 

On another note: Brooklynn goes through faces of loving and hating her binkie. These days, she seems to LOVE it. So funny.

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Heather said...

These pictures are so fun! glad you were able to get out while the weather was good, before the massive storm hit. Baby b looks like she was really starting to like the swing!