Thursday, February 2, 2012

this broke my heart..

This week we went to visit my grandma and grandpa who are in their 80's. My grandpa can no longer drive and it is getting harder and harder for him to walk. Even with a walker. My grandma is in a little bit of a better state but not much better. I love them both so much. My grandpa literally was a rocket scientist. Seriously so smart! I love talking to them so much. 

My grandma told me about something that happened to her that just broke my heart. She was at the grocery store alone because my grandpa can't make it there anymore. This takes a lot of her energy. While she wasn't looking someone stole her wallet right out of her purse. She didn't even see them. When she got to the register to check out with all her groceries she realized it was gone. She thought she had left it at home. 

So she left all of her groceries at the store and went home. 

She later got a phone call that her card had been used at a shell station and at walmart. Luckily because for 40 years they've been going to the same gas station and shopping at the same store so the bank thought they would call and ask. 

They were able to get their money back but this story just makes me so sad. How on earth could someone steal a little old ladies wallet? I know there are really good people out there that are doing great things. But when my grandma told me about this is made me so sad.

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Snoopy's Sweetheart said...

That's the saddest thing I've read all week. :( I'm so sorry that someone took advantage of your sweet grandma. It's just not right.