Monday, February 13, 2012

two years.

Wow, today Curtis and I have been married for two years. I can't believe it's been two years. The time has just flown by. These past two years have been the best two years of my life. 

I married my best friend and gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl.

Seriously, I could not ask for more.. This guy is seriously the best most hard working man ever! He is so smart and I would be lost without him.

My whole life I always wondered what my life would be like when I was married and having children, and you know what? It's much much better than I ever imagined! I am so blessed to be Curtis' wife and to be Brooklynn mommy. They bring me so much happiness I can't even explain it.

So, thank you to the love of my life for giving me the best two years of my life. I look forward to many many more.. like for the rest of our lives and all of eternity. 

Now, I haven't put many of our wedding photos on here so I figured today would be a good day for that.. It was fun to go through them. :)
Hope you enjoy.. 


Liz Brown said...

Happy anniversary :) Your wedding looks like it was relaxed and happy and fun ...

Ashley said...

Happy anniversary! May your third year be thrice as nice!

Heather said...

Love seeing the wedding photos, you look so pretty! Congrats on two years, you guys are awesome!

Curtis.Duty said...


Meesh said...

Happy Anniversary!! Love the wedding photos!! :)
-Meesh :)

ashalily said...

Happy Anniversary! You had a beautiful wedding!

Lauren said...

Where did you marry? I am getting married next year and have been so interested in everyone's wedding and honeymoon stories. Thanks for stopping by. :)


Nikki said...

Happy Anniversary :) Hope you two have a wonderful day. Beautiful pictures!

Just the Two of US said...

OMG you all are adorable! Love your blog! i follow now!! yay! happy anniversary!

Shauny said...

Happy Anniversary! I love you Jenna!

Elisabeth said...

beautiful - and that does sound like 2 wonderful years :)