Sunday, April 27, 2014

being loved by our children

i mean, lets be honest here. is there really anything better than the love we get from our children? those of you who don't have them.. well you just won't understand until you do. it is by far (in my eyes) the absolute best love you can receive. it is so pure. it is without strings. it is so completely unconditional. in other words, it's the bomb and it can make you feel amazing when you don't really feel amazing. 

tonight i wasn't feeling that great. don't know why but i just wasn't feeling myself. felt a little depressed. i put both of the girls down for bed and they both weren't having it. i was frustrated at first. they are both such good sleepers, what in the world was going on?! i took a minute and felt like maybe i should just give them a little help.. i grabbed quinn's bottle that she hadn't finished, got her out of bed and gave her the rest while i rocked her to sleep. something about watching my sweet baby girl look me in the eyes with her sweet sleepy blue eyes just melted my heart right then and there. that's all she need to be happy. was a bottle and her mama holding her tight.  what a beautiful thing. 

after quinn was tucked away sleeping her in crib i came out only to find that brooklynn was still having a hard time falling asleep. so again instead of being frustrated i got in bed with her and told her i would lay in bed with her until she fell asleep. she then proceeded to put her arms all the way around my next and said, "i love you so much mom, you're my best friend". be still my heart. i don't think it is possible to feel happier than i did at that moment. as i laid there scratching her back as she drifted off to sleep i realized that no matter what is going on in my life no matter if i'm feeling down for this reason or not.. i have these two sweet girls.. and that to them i am everything. i am their world. that's enough to get me through a life time and more. 

i love these sweet girls with my whole entire heart. 
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Loved this post! So perfect!