Friday, May 7, 2010


i haven't done much lately..
i've gone out to eat a lot cause that's what everyone wants to do.
but i'm not complaining cause i love to eat. :)
i went to CPK with my friend molly.
it was so great to catch up with her
i bought a book.
atlas shrugged by ayn rand
it's over 1,000 pages.
haven't started it yet cause it scares me. ha
went to lunch at wild buffalo wings with mel yestersday
then we went to the beach. it was SO nice out!
we saw 3 dolphins!
then last night i went to outback with my parents.
they have the best mac n cheese!
this morning i watched my nephews for a few hours
now i'm catching up on my tv shows i haven't watched.
tonight i'm going to dinner with my friend heather.
more food.
food has pretty much been the theme of my life.
but i forgot to mention that i have been exercising.
i just forgot cause that's boring. lol
i think today i'll do my pregnancy yoga dvd
yeah that's what i'll do..
right after this show... ;)

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